With thanks to Catherine Barrett


From selfies to ‘felfies’ (selfies by farmers): the self-portraits of people who work in the countryside

Original article by Federica Seneghini in Corriere Della Sera, translated by Catherine Barrett

In front of cows. With piglets in their arms. On tractors and combines. Breeders and farmers are showing off with farmer selfies. In other words with ‘felfies’, selfies taken by people who work in the countryside. A blog on the subject – farmingselfe.com, created by a farmer from Essex (@willwilson100) collects them all. The result is a collection of shots from all over the world.


There’s Aino Kurtii, immortalized with his cows in Mellakoski in Finland, and Paula Creer, a farmer from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. Along with them, dozens of other people who, after photographing themselves, decided to post the photos online.


But there aren’t just selfies. In England the Instagram account of farmer Ben Hole (@benjaminhole) is followed by more than 50,000 people. The Youtube channel  of Jake Freestone, who lives in the Cotswolds, has nearly a thousand followers. ‘Twitter is useful for those who are isolated or have little time to go out and meet friends’ explained Simon Haley to the Guardian. In 2002 he launched the hashtag #Agrichat on the popular microblogging site. Through this hashtag anyone can ask questions specific to the world of growers, such as the current price of a particular type of cereal, or discuss the politics around the production of flowers.

To post information or photos of your life or your work can also be a way of showing everyone how difficult this life can sometimes be. ‘Using social networks helps these people to communicate’ summarises Haley. And also (and why not?) to promote their own products.


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