4 Ways to Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Home


Mold is a known problem for most homes. A lot of moisture during the rainy seasons or from the morning dew increases the risk of mold growing in closets, basements, and many other home areas. Mold has a musty smell and, its appearance is not that pleasant to your eyes. Avoid too much exposure to mold appearance and smell since they can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. When you detect you have mold, contact the mold inspection Texas professionals to help with the problem. How will you minimize the risk of mold growth and still popping up in your home has been your wish? Below are ways of preventing mold from growing in your home.

  1. Manage your basement humidity level 

Crawl spaces and basements are spots for mold growth. To know that your basements could be a hot spot for mold, it turns out to be smelly, or people keep complaining of allergic reactions when they visit the place. Molds do well in places with a lot of moisture, such as basements, causing very high humidity levels. When they grow in such areas, they are hard to notice. Keep checking your basement walls, plumbing areas, and floor regularly to help keep away mold from spreading in case there is an issue. Using a dehumidifier will help to reduce too much moisture in your basement. Keep your moisture level in your basements and any other indoor air below the 50% level. When you have a dehumidifier, add it to the basements surfaces and program it to the suitable humidity level setting. It will avoid mold growing. As you also try on reducing the humidity levels, ensure to keep checking items that you store in the basements and ensure they are neatly arranged, and keep cleaning the area frequently. Dark places in your basements that are confined could be hiding mold and moisture.

  1. Ventilate and clean your bathroom

Mold thrives and quickly grows in moist and warm areas. It is good to cease mold from spreading mostly on the walls because it destroys the beauty of the home. Keeping your home dry and clean is the best way to avoid the spread of the growing mold. Focusing on wet areas such as the floors, bathroom tubs, and regularly cleaning them with mold-killing products is the first step you should take up. Do not only focus on the cleaning of the tile grout forgetting the other tight spots that mold can also grow in your bathroom. After cleaning, do not forget to dry the areas well. To help you in keeping your bathroom dry, venture into using the bathroom fan before and after using the shower since it reduces the moisture levels. If by chance you cannot afford the bathroom fan, keep your door and windows open to allow the bathroom steam to get out.

  1. Observe your humidity and keep an eye on the mold 

As said above, using a dehumidifier is the best way of maintaining a healthy humidity level during hot conditions. Are you unsure whether you have moisture or mold issues? Molds are not easy to spot and if you happen to spot them, then be sure that mold growth in your home is much worse than what the eye has met. Purchase a mold detective kit that will help you to determine the mold levels in your home. This home kit will check for mold, and you will get the results as a report later. Premiere Restoration has you covered for flood water removal services to get your home dry and clean again.

  1. Repair any leaks and keep wet items dry 

Floods or plumbing leaks are always the cause of too many mold issues. Repair a leak immediately you have seen it. For larger leaks, this could make you either purchase or rent a water damage restoration fan to dry the area as an option or simply repairing the leak very well. After using towels to dry the wet areas, do not dampen them, instead put them out to dry too. Never allow wet messes to sit unattended since you could be asking for a mold growing havoc in your home. There are cheap moisture and leak detectors that you can purchase to put your mind at ease.


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