6 redecoration trends of 2021


If you’re looking for inspiration for your new home design, look no further! We’ve put together our 6 favourite trends of 2021, and no matter your style and preferences, there’s something here for you!

  1. Minimalism

The minimalist trend has been popular for a long time, but this year it’s coming back stronger than ever. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to implement this style and keeps your home looking spacious and tidy with very little effort.

It can be a difficult style to achieve, especially if you’re naturally a bit of a collector and like to have lots of things out, but if you’re able to strike a balance, you’ll have some stunning results!

  1. Maximalism

For those of us who admire the minimalist style but just can’t achieve it with your personal style, there’s good news ā€“ maximalism is also very trendy and can feel much more natural. This relies on the layering of textures and patterns to create an almost over-the-top effect in your rooms and will have eyes turning when they enter your home.

The best thing about this trend is you can personalise it to your taste ā€“ some choose to go for bold animal prints, others will pick bright colours that compliment other furniture in the room. Working in layers allows you to keep adding until you achieve the style that you want, and remember, with this style, there’s no such thing as less is more.

  1. Home comforts

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home than ever before, which has meant that we’ve wanted to be as comfortable as possible during that time. Comfort can be quite subjective, so it will depend on what you like personally, but deep-set furniture with big, soft pillows are a great place to start, as well as focussing on warm-toned colours and gentle lighting.

This trend allows you to develop your own style while staying on-trend and making your home as welcoming and personalised as possible. It’s perfect for anyone who often struggles with the latest trends, as you can make it work for you no matter what your home already looks like.

  1. Warm and welcoming

Previously, cool tones were the first choice in a lot of homes with white walls and matching furniture, but we’re seeing a shift from this into warmer shades which makes a house look much more inviting. This trend, again, is a great one to personalise ā€“ for those who want to make a change but want to keep it subtle, you can look at light browns and beiges that aren’t too intense.

For anyone ready to throw themselves into a big change and want to push the boat out, you can look at burnt oranges and cinnamon tones, deeper and darker colours that will stand out more and make your place look incredibly warm. This can come in the shape of repainting the walls or by replacing your furniture instead, depending on what works best for you.

  1. Luxury bathroom

Bathrooms have become a sort of haven for a lot of us, offering a place of peace and tranquillity when we need it most. Because of this, homes are now starting to see more and more bathrooms developing a spa-like feel, perfect to unwind after a long day and to fit in some self-care.

This trend is especially popular for those looking to increase their property value after asking themselves the question, “how can IĀ sell my house fast?”, as it’s a guaranteed way to increase interest and get things moving for your sale. Think waterfall showers, underfloor heating, deep-set baths, and bowl sinks to create a calm and peaceful environment.

  1. Bright and beautiful

This year we’re seeing a glorious welcoming of bold, deep colours that we rarely see in the home, which has made it even more exciting and beautiful. Most of us have always gone with neutral colours for our walls, or maybe branched out to a feature wall, but that’s about it.

Now, there’s an introduction of dark colours that really stand out and completely transform a home, with bathrooms and kitchens welcoming in black and deep blue tones with contrasting chrome or gold accessories. Dark green is also making appearances, paired with silver to make both colours really pop.

These trends are some of our favourites, but the best parts of them are being able to make them work no matter your taste!


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