8 Reasons to Wear Perfume

Photo by Ulysse Pointcheval on Unsplash

Most people love wearing perfume, and there’s no reason to doubt its popularity with the amazing list of benefits it comes with. Read ahead to find out the best properties of perfume, besides a gorgeous smell.

It Enhances Your Mood

Smelling appealing scents immediately relaxes your mind and body and draws out positive emotions. Wearing perfumes can be a great mood booster for anyone who likes to have a little pick me up throughout the day.

It Gives You Confidence

Wearing perfume can boost your morale to the extent you feel encouraged and empowered throughout the day. This can be just what you need to power through social and professional environments with ease

It Makes You Feel Sexy

Nothing is better than knowing with confidence that you smell great. Humans are naturally attracted to people we enjoy the smell of, so wearing perfume is a great way to put yourself in the mood with light, floral romantic scents or more woody heady notes.

It Evokes Memories

Smells are often strongly connected to memories, and using a perfume that was either worn or gifted by a loved one will no doubt make you think of them fondly. Wearing a perfume that you bought on holiday will have the similar effect of transporting you into a realm of nostalgia.

It is a Form of Self-Expression

Many people naturally adopt a ‘signature scent’, having found a perfume which reacts beautifully with the skin and personality to exude a lovely smell that makes you feel more at home with yourself. This is also an indicator to other people about what kind of a person you are, depending on whether you like fresh dainty scents or bold encouraging notes.

It Soothes Stress Levels

In the same way perfumes enhance positive emotions, they can also drive out negative ones. Aromatherapy has long been hailed as a negator for stress, and perfume is nothing less than a constant and subtle source of aromatherapy.

It Shows You’ve Made an Effort

Whether you are going for a job interview or on a date, wearing perfume lets the other person know you have made a conscious effort to be presentable and have paid attention to where you are at the moment. Using clean fresh scents in a professional setting is the way to go, and more heady, musk scents should be reserved for dates.

It is Versatile

You can collect many perfumes over the years to use for different occasions, making the item one of the most fun and exciting ways to get ready each day. It is important to invest in only good quality perfumes, as these will last all day. As the hours go by, they release different notes which complement one another. Try trusted brands like Comme des Garçons Perfumes which use sophisticated scents through raw experimental and groundbreaking manufacturing. There are a wide range to choose from, and you can pick your scent here to find perfumes with amazing quality and diversity.

Wearing perfume is a joyous thing which is a constant source of pleasure for both those wearing it and those smelling it. It raises self-esteem and self-assurance, and has the ability to uplift your mood.


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