6 Alarming Signs You Need Psychological Help


When it comes to physical diseases, people can determine whether they need to drop by a doctor or not. In fact, most of us are smart enough to figure out the need to see that specific consultant who can treat the respective bodily symptom. However, we typically fail to judge our mental health status.

One of the biggest reasons behind this are movies and TV shows. They have somehow convinced the public that one has to be utterly crazy before connecting with a psychological professional. This is often the stage when things have already gone out of the hands. Hence, here are some initial signs that should convince an individual to visit an expert:

1) Getting Annoyed Easily

Many things can contribute to irritability. For example, you may be annoyed when someone starts using the cell phone during a serious conversation. Or you may show up with angry outbursts by seeing a politician blatantly lying to people. The point being, we tend to lose temper at something we do not acknowledge. That is normal.

But if you can’t help getting angry for no reason, it is good to seek help. Allowing your anger to go unchecked can change your life for the worse. One of the most terrible consequences of this disorder is that your relationships will start falling apart. Following a comprehensive report, people with temperament issues are less likely to have friends. Thus, you must take counseling from a qualified therapist who possesses a bachelor’s in psychology at a minimum.

2) Declining Performance at Work

Regardless of how talented you may be, you are bound to stumble upon a bad day. No human being is beyond this phenomenon. But if your performance is continuously nose-diving, it could be because you are not on top of your mental health. Many reasons potentially trigger mental health issues among employees. Some of these reasons could be job insecurity, a toxic working environment, insufficient compensation for services, coping with too much negative feedback, non-supportive colleagues, lack of career growth opportunities, etc.

However, in some professions, the poor psychological condition comes up with grave consequences. For example, if you are a doctor, a minor error can put your patients’ life at stake. Therefore, if you are consistently not living up to your abilities from a professional standpoint, therapy might be the answer.

3) You Are Addicted to Alcohol

Modern-day life is throwing too many challenges. Be it unemployment, strained relationships, cutthroat competition, or poor-work life. We are regularly wrestling with a lot of mess. The constant hustle sometimes takes a toll on our health, and consuming alcohol helps ward off the fatigue. According to a well-documented study, drinking alcohol in moderate quantities once in a while accounts for many psychological upshots. But if you require alcohol every single day to pump yourself up, you are in trouble.

Arguably, the most prominent red flag is when you can’t give up drinking despite witnessing its apparent drawbacks. In technical terms, this act refers to compulsive behavior. Curing this condition involves in-depth expertise. So even if you have diagnosed the problem correctly, you are better off approaching an expert. As a rule of thumb, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) treatment lasts for a few months. Patients, during this duration, will have to undergo various testing phases.

4) Someone Valuable Has Died

Think about it; you are regularly conversing for hours and sharing your darkest secrets with someone. And, one dreadful day, you get the news that the person has breathed his/her last. It could be a big blow to anyone. More so, if the deceased was not suffering from an illness and died a natural or man-made calamity.

As time goes by, most of us manage to move on, leaving all the haunting memories behind. But if you mourn over the incident for an extended period, there is no disgrace in taking guidance from a pro.

5) Inadequate Sleep Cycle

Social media is generally held responsible for ruining our sleep cycle. It is because we keep scrolling through Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social sites until late-night. The tendency is more rampant among teenagers. Other common factors include stress and anxiety, which account for either too much or too little sleep. If you feel sleepy or wake up at odd hours, it could be ripe to check into a psychologist’s clinic.

6) Encountering Odd Physical Symptoms

Weird as it may sound, physical symptoms may have something to tell about your mental state. Health problems such as stomach issues, high blood pressure, headache, etc., are some signs of stress that might get severe with time. But we would recommend you to visit a physician first. In case a physician can’t cite any medical reasons behind these problems, going to a therapist should be your next move.


There was a time when people would feel ashamed to visit a psychologist. Fortunately, we are finding our way out of this taboo at an accelerated pace. Since psychologists exist in abundance these days, you would not have difficulty finding a competent one. Friends and family circles are generally good sources to get suitable recommendations.


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