Anti-Aging Tricks to Keep you Looking and Feeling Young


Dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, and sagging skin are all signs of aging on the skin that make us feel a little less desirable.

While aging is simply a part of life, there are always ways to combat the signs of aging to leave you feeling like your beautiful self once more.

Today we’re discussing the best anti-aging tricks available, as well as products to help your skin feel fresh, bouncy, and young.

UV Protection

One of the fastest ways to make your skin feel aged is UV exposure. Even when it doesn’t look particularly sunny, you should opt for a moisturizer or foundation with UV protection included to minimize the potential harm done by UV rays.

Quit Smoking

If you ever needed more reason to quit, this is it. Smoking contributes to premature aging and can even cause breakouts of psoriasis. According to dermatologist David Stoll, author of A Woman’s Skin, smoking increases wrinkles around the lips as well as having a ‘vasoconstricting effect’. This essentially means it chokes the blood circulation.

Use a Facial Toning Device

A facial toning device will help contour your features, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. By using a toner for just 5 minutes a day, you’ll be able to see a visible difference in your skin’s shape. It’s also way more cost-efficient than booking endless facials every week!

Retinoid Serum

Dermatologists love retinoid serum, so it’s definitely something to store away in your bathroom cupboard. Retinoid is known to accelerate cell renewal and boost collagen production. It’s worth mentioning, however, that when you first start, the serum might seem a little drying. You can get different percentage levels, so it’s best to start off low and build yourself up.
If you’re ready for higher strength, this RoC Retinol Correxion is one of the highest percentages on the market.

3 Minutes to Moisturize

Another dermatologist, Dr. Kraffert, advises that moisturizer should be applied as soon as you get out of the shower before your skin dries. Not only does this help your skin absorb the product, but it will also seal in hydration for healthier-looking skin.

Get some sleep

While we sleep, our bodies are hard at work repairing, detoxifying, and balancing out hormones. You already know sleep has huge health benefits – both for physical and mental wellbeing – and your skin is no different. Getting enough sleep keeps blood circulation regular around the eyes to reduce puffiness and dryness.

Sleep silky

On the topic of sleep, changing your pillowcase for a silky option can help reduce fine lines. Silk pillowcases are ideal for helping your skin retain moisture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Start from the inside

Finally, as with most health tips, you need to start from the inside. Making sure you have a healthy diet with proteins, oils, and vitamins will help improve your body’s natural defenses and processes. Reducing sugar, salt, and alcohol can have a serious impact on your skin and prevent puffiness, dark circles, and dry-out.

So, these are just a few of the top tips for reducing the signs of aging. While we all have to accept that we’re getting older, nobody said we couldn’t do it gracefully.


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