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August Streaming: Drama, Romance and Thriller in the Packed Moon

The lineup in August, which can be described as being dry for months in the streaming world, is staggering.

There is a wide range of content from international dramas about documentaries (Australia falls off the same day, not the Internet to avoid spoilers).

We are also benefiting from SBS. Don’t discount free broadcasts the next time you find your favorite show.

In terms of new releases of Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus, things are still moving relatively slowly.

Prime follows Disney’s lead. Hamilton, And announced a stage concert Les Miserables August 22.

The platform also creates slots from a few complete series drop (West wing, 24).

Disney Plus started strengthening its brand online X man and Fantastic yes movie.

Regarding the new show everyone will talk about, Stan leads the pack with Foxtel and Binge.

Netflix does not lose subscribers with a calendar, but this month is not a star.

We go – adjust social planning accordingly.

Deceitful – August 4 (Stan)

he is humdrum Fame Paul Mescal starred in this psychological thriller.

It’s about the young Lars Ophelia who is cheating with her English professor.

When he disappears, she leaves for Ireland to find him.

Enter Mescal. We get it on the same day as England.

Little birds – August 5 (Stan)

Inspired by Anais Nin’s erotic creations, look forward to a violent start for a month with this 1950s drama.

It’s about a New York heir named Lucy Savage. His new marriage does not live up to her expectations.

So she seeks an escape from Tangier, Morocco.

This six-part series arrives on August 5th at a time.

I will disappear in the dark – August 9 (Binge, Foxtel)

that much Golden State Killer In June, we returned to a news cycle that was convicted of 13 murders.

This six-part series is based on Michelle McNamara’s research and writing and features archive scenes and interviews with investigators and victims’ family members.

Teenage bounty hunter – August 14 (Netflix)

producer weed and Orange is the new black Jenji Kohan continues to run strong women-led content. Teen bounty hunter.

Sterling and Blair are 16-year-old twin sisters, tracking offenders running in teams with veteran bounty hunters.

Even the details and even the official trailer are not weirdly scanned.

Lovecraft country – August 17 (Binge, Foxtel)

In the series of the same name we get the horror drama series Lovecraft country On the same day as the United States

There is something similar to the real world that follows lead character Atticus through an alternate reality where he went through a race war when searching for a family.

If you’ve seen it all wardenYou can see next.

Hoop – August 21st (Netflix)

Does everyone like an nasty anime series?

This is the latest news.

Hoop High school basketball coach is biting the toilet.

He has a clear view of the stars, but his team is not the end from the beginning.

It was far from the beginning. To fans American dad and Bob burger.

(The trailer is thick on the trailer)

trigonometry – August 21 (SBS)

This British series had a car crash due to eight episodes. We help couples take their roommates and keep their lifestyle in a nice apartment in London.

Read between lines to see what happens next.

Hungry ghost – August 24 (SBS)

This four-part series that grew up in this home was filmed in Melbourne during the Hungry Ghost Festival, a Buddhist tradition common in Vietnamese society.

Your family finds ghosts by past ghosts.

Appears on the screen as part of a special event for 4 consecutive nights.

It’s got a lot of acclaim for the Australian TV event you should watch in Australia in August.

Star girl – August 23 (Fox Fox)

On the DC Universe we meet Stargirl (aka Courtney Whitmore) and become a hero with her colleagues to fight the villains of the past.

It has been praised by fans of the original comic story line.

Cobra Kai, Season 1-2 – August 28 (Netflix)

Memory Karate Kid movie?

Thirty years later, the children who saw the franchise religiously grew up and gave birth to their own.

on Cobra Kai, Johnny and Daniel are still pissed off with the original actors Ralph Macchio and William Zabka.

The series was originally aired on YouTube. That is, the second season begins and the third season begins.

Love scam – August 30 (Stan)

The four-part documentary series tracks the incredible behavior of Richard Scott Smith, who robbed countless women by robbing his love and passion online.

Nominated for an Academy Award and premiered at Sundance.

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