Best Places to Meet Clients If You Don’t Have an Office


Meeting clients can be very exciting, but what happens if you are a freelancer or you do not have an office yet? Many people do not want to invite a stranger into their home workspace (quite rightly), so where does that leave meetings for prospective clients?

Well, there are some excellent options to meet clients, from something informal to something a little more professional.

If you want some ideas on where you can take them, then read this piece to find out more!

A Café or Coffee Shop

Perhaps the most neutral and informal suggestion of them all, a café or a coffee shop is an excellent place to meet up with clients or prospective customers. It is public, which offers you a safety element you would not get in a private area, they will have coffee on tap, along with the required facilities such as WIFI and loos, and you can pick whatever café, or coffee shop will suit the meeting best. You will find coffee shops that are full of life and the hustle and bustle, and you will also find quiet, cozy options too. This option is usually best for those who are not wanting to create a professional meeting and more for those who need an informal chat.

Hot Desk

For those who need something much more formal than a café or restaurant but still need flexibility, a hot desk is a perfect solution. You only need to book as much time as you need, and there are also other great facilities on site as well that can really enhance a meeting. Onsite parking, teas and coffees, kitchen area, toilets, and meeting rooms are just some of the amenities on offer, which means you can either do a casual meeting or move straight to a conference scale meeting in the same place.

If this sounds like the ideal setup for you, then head over to for more information!


A hotel is another great option for holding a meeting, and many can usually suit any scale or severity of meeting. The best thing about choosing a hotel is that you can pick which one will suit the client best. Whether you want to go for an informal chat and drink, have a chat over dinner, or rent a conference room, a hotel will be able to offer you all of it. There is also the added bonus of rooms and restaurants if a client has traveled a long way. Everything being in one place is a big plus for those who are tired and just want to relax.


The library might be seen as the worst place to hold a meeting. Well known for its extremely quiet demeanor and intolerance of noise, you might wonder why holding a meeting there is a good idea! Well, many libraries offer separate meeting booths that you can book and use for free. Perfect for those who want something low cost but something quieter and professional than a café.


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