Best US Beach Destinations For The Summer

Summer is always an exciting holiday season, and with all the travel recent travel restrictions, many people have been undecided about whether to book their vacation this year. Traveling abroad may not be very easy these days, but you can still exploit all the possible vacation options to make the best out of the approaching summer season. There are various options when it comes to enjoying the beautiful beaches in America. Even when it’s impossible to take a weeklong vacation, you can easily plan a weekend trip to one of the beaches to enjoy the sand and surf.
Preparing for a wonderful water experience
If you’re planning a water-side break, it’s important to make the right preparations in order to enjoy the experience and stay safe. There are certain things that are must-carry items if you’re heading to the beach. It’s important to carry swimming costumes, including life jackets, to ensure safety in the water. Preparing yourself is just as important as preparing your suitcase, however: having the right swimming skills enhances the experience in water, and avoids risky situations in the water.
Failing to use life jackets, swimming without the right skills, or going to risky areas without supervision are some of the common causes of drowning. But with the right preparations, a weekend beach getaway is a great way to spend a long weekend and get rejuvenated, enjoying the waters before another busy week ahead. Research the area first, and make sure you’re fully equipped to enjoy the water safely before booking a stay at one of the top beach destinations the USA has to offer.
The Hamptons, New York
Hamptons New York offers a natural choice for a weekend getaway for both New York residents and newcomers. Whether you choose the Southampton, East Hampton, or Montauk, you’re sure not to regret the visit. With all the beautiful hotels and their delicious food, great shopping at the malls, and their pristine beaches, there is no better place to be at the weekend. Some great hotels, like the Gurney’s Montauk and the beachfront cottages, offer great ocean views and provide access to a private beach. On the East side of Hampton is the charming Baron’s Cove in a Sag Harbor, which you definitely don’t want to miss.
Laguna Beach, California
There are times when all you need is to get away and spend some time away from the city. Laguna Beach is just an hour’s drive from the Los Angeles city center. The beach will offer a full vacation feel – without the long journey. It feels great to relax on the beach while enjoying the marine beauty and the wonderful creatures battling the water tides. It’s a great place to enjoy one of the many water sports like kayaking, surfing, skim boating or paddle boarding too. All these sports, though played on many other beaches, originated in Laguna Beach.
Cocoa Beach, Orlando, Florida
Cocoa Beach is about 47 miles away on the east side of the state. Cocoa Beach is also the name of the coastal town where the beach is located. Cocoa Beach is an hour’s drive from Orlando. Cocoa Beach is your quintessential beach town; it’s relaxed, always sunny. If you’re looking for the closest beach to Orlando, this spot is just an hour from Orlando, in the middle of Florida’s gorgeous Space Coast. The entire area is an endless beach with 72 miles of Atlantic coastline covered in golden, powdery sand, right next to spectacular waves. Alan Shephard Park is the best beach for you if you want convenience with everything from restaurants and great shopping to lifeguards and picnic areas with tables. The famous Ron Jon surf shop is just a few minutes walk away. Lori Wilson Park is a family beach that is less crowded and free. If you enjoy fishing, Port Canaveral Jetty Park is ideal for you. This beach is also ideal for bird watching. Before going on your vacation, must find vacation homes for rent in orlando florida.
These beaches have a lot to offer, and are the perfect answer for anyone longing to spend some time in the water or enjoy beach activities. However, booking in good time is essential. If you find your beach of choice is booked up, other beaches to consider include Saugatuck, Michigan, Monterey County, California, and Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland, Virginia.
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