Content Crisis? Corona Virus Stops Film and TV Production


Content Crisis? Corona Virus Stops Film and TV Production

Demand for entertainment content is higher than ever as many people choose to keep their home safe. But what if there is no new content to consume?

The corona virus-stricken movie studios are trying to delay and rebuild the upcoming release schedule, but some are looking further down the track and wondering how the film and TV industry will survive the impending content drought.

I think it’s Disney Mulan, Originally there was a premiere in March, but it was pushed back to July 24th and then pushed back to August 21st, so the cards for the near future disappeared.

With Christopher Nolan’s Expected Movie caution, It seems that the Aussie screen will remain a bit darker when delayed “infinitely” again.

Marc C-Scott, senior instructor for screen media at Victoria University, said that players in large companies like Disney and Warner Bros. should adapt to a new climate rather than maintaining a new release.

C-Scott said, “I don’t think we can retain new content forever.

“Instead of paying $10 per month for a regular streaming service, a premium video on-demand service that pays $30 or $40 a month can start.

“It sounds like a lot, but what you can actually get is the movie and content that will go into the cinema, but you can get it on the same release date.”

“If you’re thinking about a family taking kids to see the latest Disney new products, it’s not that they add an extra $30 or $40 a month when adding all the movie tickets, popcorn and drinks. swallow.

“It’s not a movie-like experience, but it’s something,” he said.

Like other Disney blockbusters star Wars Yes avatar The film has been pushed all year round from the planned release date.

avatar Director James Cameron made a statement on Instagram on Friday.

And it seems to be a genre, not just the number of films that will make a noticeable change every year.

Mr. C-Scott said, “There is an opportunity for the animation to emerge.

“Indie content offers an opportunity because it relies on a smaller crew, and it’s much easier to use independent films or documentaries depending on the social difference.”

However, as the Australian film industry continues to run, smaller projects that can operate under social regulatory regulations will face even greater challenges.

Felicity Ford, a film reviewer and film and screen lecturer at the University of Melbourne said one change that is expected to be missing from the screen is varied.

“The most important thing in the Australian context is money,” Ford said.

“I think advertising will be very difficult. This will affect the kind of movies you can produce and distribute.

“It also affects the versatility of the screen, so more niche or small projects with niches may not be financially sustainable.”

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Despite all this, Ford and Mr C-Scott are hoping that Hollywood will have a unique opportunity for Australian content to break into the US market.

“I felt a lot less than the United States,” Ford said.

However, American film studios withholding content had a serious impact on Australian cinema. Mulan, New James Bond movie There is no time to die, and caution Seats can be filled when reopened.

According to World Economic ForumBox office figures for 2019 For $42 billion, the industry has supported more than 2 million jobs in Hollywood.

Melbourne cinema nova manager Christian Connelly said last year that the film made $1.2 billion in Australia alone, and despite the move to show off old retro titles, the cinema is still running.

“overall Saw the contraction of the industry About 70% from current figures And it is definitely affected Greatly by the absence of Said Connie Chel. ABC News.


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