Does Installing A Heating System Increase House Value?

Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heating

Aside from home renovations, there are necessary home upgrades that can contribute to a higher resale value of your home. If you intend to resell your property anytime soon, now’s the time to install a smart home investment addition that can benefit your family and the future owner of your home. If you’re wondering whether installing a heating system can increase your house value, read the rest of this article.

This is an excellent matter for prospective homebuyers as they want to live in a home that’s equipped with an energy-efficient heating system. They want to find modern systems as they don’t want to suffer from hefty utility bills at the end of the month. Prepare your property to be as marketable as possible with some smart additions, like a heating system.

Here are the surefire reasons why your home value can be boosted, thanks to a reliable home heating system:

  1. Longer Lifespan For Your Heating System

With high-efficiency heating systems that you can get from DM Select Services Upperville – heating installers or any other reliable contractor near you, there’s more on-and-off cycling, which ultimately leads to a longer lifespan because there isn’t as much wear and tear on the units. Furthermore, high-efficiency systems eliminate moisture and withstand irritants, like chemical buildup, resulting in a longer lifespan for your systems, as well as a healthier home.

Energy-efficient heating systems undergo fewer cycles over their lifetimes. An energy-efficient heater’s capacitor is less likely to malfunction. When the heating system’s compressor or air handler motor starts, the capacitor delivers a large amount of electricity.

This essential component becomes worn out from frequent starting and stopping. The moving parts of most energy-efficient heating systems are less stressed since they run at lower speeds. Therefore, this results in the heating system parts having prolonged lives.

  1. Increased Comfort

A high-efficiency heating system usually comes with a feature or two that boost your home’s comfort level. Such features include variable speed compressors. For a longer period of time, such types of compressors operate at a lower speed. Consequently, your home’s rooms receive warm air more consistently.

An energy recovery ventilator is also a feature of energy-efficient furnaces. With this, fresh incoming air is heated using the heat from flue gases. A heat recovery ventilator can also help your residence stay moist during the winter months, so it won’t be as dry. With such features, you can take advantage of continuous comfort without incurring high costs on your energy bills. Also, you can bypass using a humidifier as this heating system can make your air quality balanced between dry and wet.

  1. Low-Maintenance Requirements

You’ll spend less on maintenance and repairs if you upgrade to a more energy-efficient heating system. Heating systems today are made with better materials and durable quality. Also, apart from having better controls, like electronic ignitions rather than a pilot light that tends to go out, they also use better technology. You’ll notice that all the spare parts are sealed well so no debris and external properties can seep inside, which may cause malfunctions.

These systems also require less maintenance than ever before. Checking your home’s AC and heating systems is an essential maintenance tip for homeowners. By simply replacing and checking the air filter, you’ll be good to go. However, it’s better to have it checked annually to prevent unanticipated troubles. This way, you’ll also know whether some parts need to be replaced or cleaned.

  1. Ensured Safety

When fuel-burning appliances are clean, well-maintained, and properly vented, they produce very little carbon monoxide. On the other hand, odorless, deadly gas can be produced in much higher concentrations in a dirty or malfunctioning heating system, posing a risk to occupants of your home.

Hence, investing in an upgraded heating system that comes with a regular maintenance plan is, indeed, a smart deal for your future homebuyers. They want to ensure that the home is safe and the heating system won’t diffuse harmful substances.

  1. Better Air Quality

If you have a dirty system component or loose particulate sitting in your ducts, the conditioned air that moves throughout your duct network carries it with it. It’s only a matter of time before your home will be proliferated with molds, allergens, dust mites, pollen, and other bacterial particles.

By investing in a reliable heating system, you can eliminate these unsafe situations. The future residents of your home can rest easy and breathe better with a cleaner indoor atmosphere.


  1. Minimal Carbon Footprint

Reducing the family’s carbon footprint is a goal for many households today. The impact of household energy use on the environment is a concern for many people. A high-efficiency heating system is environmentally friendly, one of its most enormous benefits. For this reason alone, many homebuyers would be attracted to your property.

Houses heated by high-efficiency heating systems use almost half less energy than other systems. In turn, this reduces fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions in your home. This is definitely one feature you can boast about when you market your home to the real estate industry soon.


Your home’s value will automatically rise with modern amenities, like a high-efficiency heating system. In the future, if you decide to sell your home, you can be confident that your home is well-equipped with the right smart heating system that comes with many benefits. Now’s the time to take advantage of all the benefits of an efficient heating system, so contact your contractor today.


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