Elegant Gifts ideas for Tequila Lover


May it be a festive season or a birthday month, choosing a gift for your friends or family is often a task. We always wish to give our loved ones the best gift possible but it takes effort. Well, we can definitely take some extra effort for our loved ones as we love the smile on their faces. People have different choices and we have to meet their requirements in order to make them happy.

Among many things, there are people who love tequila or other drinks. It can be difficult to find a gift for them sometimes. However, it is also easy as you can get them their favorite drink. Well, if you are finding something else then again it becomes a task but worries not, we are here to help you.

If you have that one person in your life who is in love with tequila and you are looking for a gift for them then you are at the right place. We will help you find the perfect gift for the tequila lover in your life. Below we are listing a few things that you can consider for your tequila lover. Let’s check them out!

Tequila Shot Glasses

For a person who loves tequila, shot glasses are something they need or they are interested in. You can look for some good shot glasses that will add some fun to their drinking. If you have time you can go and shop for them or simply look online.

One of the best options is the salt shot glasses. There are natural salt shot glasses that naturally add salt to your tequila. Such glasses will interest you tequila lover friend as they don’t need to add salt separately. The tequila salt shot glasses could be the ultimate gift for a tequila lover.

Tequila Decor

If you want to give something that is not related to the actuarial drink then you can go ahead and buy some tequila decor. There are many options like a tequila bottle shaped lamp or some printed clothes. You can also think of tequila scented candles or essential oils that smell exactly like a cocktail. There can be many possibilities in this area, so you can go ahead and get more creative.

Guidance Book

Don’t get confused as we have just said ‘guidance book’ in the title. We mean to say that there are some books that have recommendations for what food matches with tequila. Although people have their own unique choices, there are many who like to stick to classics. So, you can go ahead with a book that will guide what is best to eat with tequila.

Cocktail Seasoning

We all love the special seasoning that goes on top of any cocktail. May it be pepper, mint or salt, it definitely adds an extra taste to our drinks. You can get innovative or choose your tequila lover’s favorite seasoning as a gift. They will surely love the added tastemaker for their cocktails.

We don’t wish to state the very obvious but there can be no better gift than a good tequila itself. Below we are mentioning a couple of suggestions which are some of the best tequilas out there. Check them out and you can pair one of the above-mentioned options with any of the drinks mentioned below.

Los Tres Tonos Reposado

The Los Tres Tonos Reposado is one of the best choices for tequila lovers. This tequila is manufactured from 100 percent pure Blue Agave Tequilana Weber and is allowed to age in the American bourbon barrels for at least 6 months to bless our taste buds. The bottle that contains this drink is also designed elegantly which makes it perfect as a gift.

Tequila Ocho Plata

Tequila Ocho Plata is a drink that is made by slow roasting extremely ripe agave. The process by which this drink is made gives it depth in its flavor. It has amazing flavors of citrus, pepper, and a hint of grassy flavor. For those who love the depth of flavors in their drink, this is the best choice.

Don Fulano Blanco

Don Fulano Blanco is a drink that also exhibits deep flavors. The manufacturing of this drink takes place with the help of well water. It has the flavors of green cooked agave, pepper, and a hint of lemongrass. For the ones who love earthy flavors, this drink is the perfect match them.


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