Enchanting Bhutan Mushrooms You Never Heard Of


One thing that exists always has a history. Something that comes into being has a beginning. Have you ever noticed fairy circles, elf circles, and elflings while walking through forests and meadows? Those are actually Bhutan Fairy Mushrooms. This article will tell you about the Bhutan Fairy Mushrooms and some enchanting facts about Bhutan Mushrooms in general that you have never heard of.

History of Fairy Bhutan Mushrooms

Fairy mushrooms were first cultured in agar by Jandaik in 1947. Rangaswami and Nadu of Agricultural University, Coimbattore, India, brought the pure cultures of fairy mushrooms to the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) in the United States in the year 1975 has been known about the year 1977 of the Plant Disease Research Division. This mushroom has been dubbed the Bhutan fairy mushroom and has been distributed to Thai mushroom farmers. Many species have different temperature preferences. Some varieties thrive in the summer. Some varieties bloom well in the winter and are widely grown commercially.

Bhutan Fairy mushrooms resemble oyster mushrooms in appearance. These two mushrooms are members of the same family. The name “Fairy Mushroom” was first used in Thailand. Some Thais refer to them as mushrooms because this mushroom was discovered for the first time in India.

Facts About Enchanting Bhutan Mushrooms You Never Heard Of

Bhutan is located in the eastern Himalayas, sandwiched between the Tibetan AR, which is dominated by India and China. About the same size as Switzerland, with a population of less than 1 million (Switzerland’s population is 8.1 million). The entire valley, including the capital Thimphu, can currently accommodate about 100,000 people.

Here are some facts that you want to know about Bhutan Mushrooms that you have never heard of:

  • Oyster mushroom farming is currently popular in Bhutan.
  • Oyster mushrooms are mushrooms with thin oyster-like caps and frills around the edges. They have a delicate texture and a mild, savory flavor.
  • Oyster mushrooms absorb whatever liquid they come into contact with, making them a popular cooking ingredient. Bhutanese people occasionally cook shamu datshi with oyster mushrooms.
  • Oyster mushrooms provide numerous health benefits. They are nutrient-dense, high in antioxidants, and have immune-boosting properties. Bhutan’s government recognizes this and is thus encouraging oyster mushroom farming.
  • Bhutan’s super mushroom is Cordyceps Sinensis.
  • Cordyceps Sinensis is a rare and exotic mushroom that grows in Bhutan’s mountains at elevations ranging from 14,500 to 17,000 feet, just meters below the snow line.
  • In Tibetan, Cordyceps sinensis means “summer plant” and “winter insect.” Cordyceps mushroom spores settle on the heads of underground caterpillars before the rainy season begins. The fungus infiltrates the caterpillar’s body so thoroughly that it grows out through the insect’s head, draining all of its energy and eventually killing it.
  • In terms of medicinal value, Cordyceps Sinensis are insanely versatile. In addition to Tibetan medicine, it has been used in Chinese medicine by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years.
  • Bhutan is also the home of the most expensive mushroom in the world.
  • There is even a festival dedicated to him called Matsutake Matsuri. There you can taste various dishes with this mushroom.
  • Matsutake mushrooms are among the most expensive in the world. It is not farmable. It can only grow directly beneath pine trees, almost underground, beneath a cover of leaves, deep in the mountain forest. Its growth is dependent on the host tree, and thus it has a symbiotic relationship with its roots. Those are very specific circumstances.
  • The Matsutake mushroom, known as Sangay Shamu in Bhutan, is highly prized.
  • Mushroom farming has advantages when compared to other types of farming. For one thing, it does not necessitate manual labor. It also does not necessitate large tracts of land. Furthermore, it grows all year long as long as the temperature is suitable.
  • The administration is working hard to improve rural living conditions to reduce immigration. In this regard, rural mushroom income is considered to be an important component of rural development, and Bhutan has devoted resources to this end for many years.
  • For example, the annual crop of Bhutan mushrooms is sold through a government-organized auction system to maximize local income in remote areas that otherwise struggle to generate sufficient cash income to participate in the modern economy.

Characteristics of Bhutan Fairy Mushrooms

You are already aware of the history of Bhutan Fairy Mushrooms and some facts about Bhutan Mushrooms in general. Now, you are probably including Bhutan as one of your bucket lists of places to travel. As part of your learning and discovering mushrooms in Bhutan, you have to remember the characteristics of Bhutan Fairy Mushrooms.

  • Fairy mushrooms are tasty.
  • It looks like an abalone.
  • Fairy mushroom flowers are lighter in color than those of abalone mushrooms.
  • The flower’s top is a soft color.
  • The mushrooms in India range in size from 5-14 centimeters and weight from 30-120 grams.
  • It smells delicious when it’s cooked.
  • Fairy mushrooms can be stored in the refrigerator for several days because the fins are closer together. Because this type of mushroom does not shrink like oyster mushrooms, it is similar to abalone.
  • This mushroom has the ability to be dried.
  • When cooking mushrooms, it can be soaked in mushroom water to restore their original shape.

Bhutan Mushrooms Properties and Health Benefits

We often consider and check the health benefits of the food we intake. It is essential that we know how healthy or not the food that we eat. This greatly affects how we perform each day on our different tasks, whether at home, at school, at work, or anywhere. If you are a mushroom lover and happen to visit Bhutan or if you are currently in Bhutan, here are the Bhutan Mushroom Properties and Health Benefits that you have to know.

  • Anti-aging Properties

Mushroom info-Anti-Aging Properties: Many claim to know the anti-aging secret, but some of the most authoritative research shows that it rejuvenates the skin, removes dead and dying cells, and improves the appearance of blemishes. Mushrooms, which contain powerful anti-aging compounds, truly help to effectively shave away wrinkles and blemishes.

  • Heart Health

Numerous studies on the effects of mushrooms have yielded promising results, particularly in terms of cardiovascular health. One study found that patients who took a powdered mushroom supplement were significantly less likely to develop heart failure. This is due primarily to the herb’s anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, which can prevent heart arrhythmias and other complications.

  • Cholesterol Level

Mushroom affects one of the chemical pathways linked to cholesterol levels. “Bad” cholesterol levels rise, while “good” cholesterol levels rise, effectively protecting the heart and a variety of other organ systems affected by cholesterol, including our metabolism and endocrine system. You can help prevent atherosclerosis and subsequent heart attacks and strokes by including cordyceps in your weekly herbal treatments.

  • Respiratory Function

As already mentioned, mushrooms have the ability to increase the level of oxygen absorbed by the lungs, which is beneficial not only for athletes but also for those suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. Increase your oxygen intake to help prevent respiratory distress and weakness. Increasing oxygen levels also helps to better oxygenate the extremities of the body, allowing organ systems to function more efficiently.

  • Immune System Booster

Mushrooms directly stimulate the production of NK cells, the body’s first line of defense against infection and disease. These immunoprotective effects are useful in treating everything from cancer to the common cold and everything in between. It’s helpful.

  • Energy Booster

Mushroom has the ability to significantly increase energy levels; athletes have long used them for the bursts of energy they can provide. Mushroom boosts cellular energy production and oxygen uptake in the body, giving people who need an energy boost an extra boost!

Final Thoughts!

It is critical for food enthusiasts to spend time discovering new recipes to cook. There are numerous ingredients that you can consider in order to always have a healthy meal whenever you eat. As one of the healthiest vegetables, I highly recommend including mushrooms in your meals.

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