4 Fun Activities to Enjoy in Edinburgh


Edinburgh not only features many stunning landmarks that are steeped in history, but it is full to the brim with fun things to see and do during your stay. If you’re planning to visit the Scottish capital and want to look beyond Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, you should research various activities that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

To plan the perfect trip with your friends, family, or partner, check out the below four fun activities to enjoy in Edinburgh.

1. The JK Rowling Tour

If you love to regularly immerse yourself in the Harry Potter books or movies, you shouldn’t overlook the JK Rowling Tour. It allows fans of the Boy Who Lived to walk through the streets and visit the locations that will not only have shaped JK Rowling’s life but the popular series.

For example, you can step inside Elephant House café, which is where the author regularly wrote the books, and you can spot many characters’ names at Greyfriars Kirkyard. Plus, you can walk down the winding Victoria Street, which inspired Diagon Alley and it also features many Harry Potter stores you can visit.

You also could carry on from Edinburgh and venture up to the Highlands to visit the magical locations featured in the Harry Potter movies.

2. Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions is a must-visit and has been for more than 150 years. The historic attraction is spread across five floors and offers various activities that will blow your mind, such as mind-boggling puzzles, cool illusions, fun mirror mazes, and a colorful vortex tunnel.

Plus, you can enjoy unique views of the city by telescope and view cams, or you could make your way up to the rooftop terrace for a 360° panoramic view. It’s an ideal attraction for young, old, and everyone in between.

3. Visit Edinburgh Zoo

Explore a variety of animals at Edinburgh Zoo, which is spread across an impressive 82-acre non-profit park. It is home to more than 1,000 rare and endangered animals, such as Visayan spotted deer. There are also many educational activities and events that can be enjoyed by all ages.

If the above wasn’t enough, you could experience the Penguin Parade, which will allow visitors to watch hundreds of penguins waddling through the grounds. It’s no wonder it has been a top attraction in the zoo since the 1950s.

4. Experience Quality Yard

If you have an appreciation for graffiti, you shouldn’t miss out on Quality Yard. It offers 360 degrees of exceptional street art in a continuous mural and features both elements and colors that will connect its eight artists. The courtyard is a celebration of both Scottish and international art that’s open to the public throughout the year. You’d be wise to bring a camera with you.

When you’re not busy exploring Edinburgh Castle, strolling down the capital’s historic streets, and treating yourself to some neeps and tatties, you should embark on the above fun activities.


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