Garden Furniture Ideas to Improve your Garden’s Look


A garden takes a little time and energy to turn it into a space you want to spend time in whether it be alone, reading a book or entertaining family and friends. Depending on the state of yours, you might have more work to do than you realise for having the perfect space is not just about a mowed lawn but includes many other elements too. Well-tended flowers and trees, a clean patio or neat gravel but perhaps most importantly, the right garden furniture.

The wrong furniture can ruin all the hard work you’ve done in other places and can literally prevent you from wanting to be in your outdoor space so it’s important to get it right. Fortunately, there are so many different types available now which will suit all tastes and budgets. Read on to learn some furniture ideas that will improve your garden’s look in no time at all…

Sleek and minimalist

Some gardens these days have a very clean look with perfect borders and, raised beds and even artificial grass. Whilst some more traditional furniture sets will certainly suit the area, there are other options available which aluminium framed sofas and chairs. These don’t lack anything by way of comfort either thanks to sumptuous cushions and reclining backs.

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Traditional luxury

Garden furniture has been made from more natural materials for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it blends in with the natural surroundings of the outdoors but it can also be great value and durable too. Rattan furniture is still one of the most popular styles thank to its ability to fit into both modern and more rustic garden settings and maintains an air of luxury at a reasonable price. There is a range of colour options available and they are suitable to be left outdoors year-round.

If you wish to go for a slightly more indulgent material, there are plenty of solid wood options available. These are sturdy and robust and have the added glamour brought by something a little more expensive and extravagant.

Different functions

Before investing in your furniture, think about what you want to use it for. Will it be for entertaining? Personal use? Is it to take your morning coffee or watch your iPad in peace? Do you want it primarily for al fresco dining? There are different sets for different purposes, ranging from comfortable corner sofas, to a petite coffee table and chairs for two. You can have a more formal dining table or even a semi-circle layout with a low table in the centre.

Low maintenance

Most garden furniture sets are lower in maintenance than in previous years when even plastics could warp and fade. However, make sure you choose a set that is designed to be left outside year-round as you don’t want to have to assemble and disassemble it regularly as you might end up using the garden less than you desire. Most woods are treated too but take note of how frequently they will need re-treating before you purchase. Try to ensure you bring your cushions inside and where possible, use a weatherproof cover too to give it the longest life possible.


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