Garry Linnell travels to the future. Much changed in 2024


Garry Linnell travels to the future. Much changed in 2024

Greetings in 2024.

Yes. Like everyone else, it gave up in 2020.

But while trapped in the house, I did not go crazy and sneaked into the future and knew how things went.

I can’t tell you how I did it, but I enjoyed toasting for breakfast in order to blow the complex algorithms and a handful of colorful mushrooms growing in the neighbor’s backyard four years ahead.

Rest anyway. Despite the desolate prospects of August 2020, the world not only survived, but also flourished.

To prove this, we selected the main news articles that follow today. New daily August 2024

Wednesday Washington. Update: 7:00 AM

US President Kanye West announced that he will not hold a reelection in November and will support his wife Kim Kardashian.

US President Kanye West will not take reelection. Figure: AAP

With an unexpected victory over Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the 2020 campaign, President West returns to Lab Lab and completes his doctoral dissertation on “Communicating with Dolphins Using Crystal and Taylor Swift” I mentioned the “overwhelming desire” to do. Lyrics”.

Though some controversies were initially raised, public opinion when the free trade agreement with China called “West meets East” gave Nike, a global footwear and clothing company, “exclusive and unlimited access to sweatshirts to make more sneakers and things” The investigation has increased dramatically.

President West received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2022.Congressional Investigation Committee on Unpleasant Corona Virus S–t”Technologist billionaire Bill Gates used the pandemic to conclude that Microsoft sneaked microchips into people’s heads to increase flagship sales of Windows 10 software.

Wednesday Moscow. Update: 6:30 AM

Former US President Donald Trump has accused him of “fake news” that his partner Vladimir Putin broke up.

After losing in 2020, President Trump, who sought political asylum in Moscow and moved with Putin six months later, said last night, “Vlad and I are still in love! We respect each other. More fake news from loony leftists and anti-gay thugs! unfair!”

Melbourne, Australia. Breaking news

Melbourne closed.

Melbourne’s four-year shutdown will continue for six weeks, according to Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews.

Andrews said the locks originally applied to the height of the COVID-19 epidemic should be extended even though no new coronavirus infection has been documented for more than three years.

“I’m having a hard time,” he said. “But spring is the corner.

“Because of the high pollen levels and the enormous dangers of mild sunlight, it would be irresponsible to lift the restrictions and let 5 million people suddenly venture out.”

London, UK. Update: 4 minutes ago

Charles III did not invite Prince Harry to the official coronation next week after his youngest son signed another season for his wife Megan’s smash hit reality show. Disappear together Windsor.

Times Chief Buckingham Palace sources claimed that Snub followed Harry’s decision to broadcast secretly filmed video during the debut season last year.

This clip discussed science missions between the United Kingdom and the United States in collaboration with President West to prove that Charles loves tomato plants and proves that the Earth is flat.

Charles will be officially crowned king at the Westminster Temple next Thursday.

His coronation was shocked last month by 98-year-old mother Elizabeth, who gave up the throne to “pursue additional business opportunities”.

According to the report SunShe plans to release a variety of high-end gin and tonic mixers, and has already attracted investors for personal coaching startups that tell celebrities how to hit a stiff wave without saying anything.

Cape Canaveral, Florida. Update: 11pm

Last night, Australia’s renowned chef Chef Pet Evans, NASA’s new chief executive, announced that the agency would halt all future explorations on Mars and instead fund $50 billion in search for the lost city of Atlantis. .

Pete Evans Donald Trump
Pete Evans continues to debate. Photo: Instagram

West’s close confidence and advisor, Evans, said the latest US government agency launch of the latest Mars probe is imminent. Peeping Tom It has been canceled and will be redesigned to conduct a deep sea expedition instead.

“There is strong evidence that much of Atlantis remains somewhere in the Pacific,” Evans told reporters.

“It would be possible that I have been holding my breath while waiting for rescue for the past thousands of years, because I have found that resident Paleo diet will help improve lung function.”

Beijing, China. update : whenever

China’s official news agency Xinhua has dismissed rumors about a new virus infecting customers in several markets in Beijing.

High-ranking officials were monitoring this situation, but said that “severing tens of thousands of people sniffing and coughing and suffering from some bleeding in every orifice does not constitute a widespread health threat and our borders will remain open.”

Garry Linnell served as the news and current affairs of the Nine network in the mid-2000s. He was also the editor-in-chief of Fairfax and a former editor. Every day telegraph and notice board magazine

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