Guideline for fixing Terrarium TV Buffering Issues


Guideline for fixing Terrarium TV Buffering Issues

The users of Terrarium TV are facing buffering issues to the extent.No doubt Terrarium TV is the best Amazon Fire Stick app among all. Many users are worried and finding the solution of fixing the Terrarium TV buffering issues. Terrarium TV is used to stream movies and TV shows. If you are also facing buffering problems then you are on the right place. In this article you will learn how to fix Terrarium TV buffering issues.

Fixing Terrarium TV Buffering issues

After resolving the errors occurred while buffering I am now able to enjoy the Terrarium TV buffering. Here in this article you will learn several ways that you may use and surely it will help you too.

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Test your Internet Connection Speed

For online streaming, good internet connectivity and speed is the real goal. If you want to stream online videos you will need 5 Mbps internet speed at least. But if you want full HD support you will need 10 Mbps at least. But nowadays this is not a big deal because the internet speed which you are using is higher than this. Some internet service provider is offering 100 Mbps But the problem is having the best speed of the internet is not only the solution. Nevertheless, You will face buffering issues

There are chances that Terrarium TV buffering issues is due to internet connectivity. Maybe the weak internet connection is delivered to you from the back end or any other problem is from the service provider end.

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Firstly you have to check your internet connection speed. To check your speed there are many apps which are used to check the speed of the internet for free. One of them is Ookla it is the most popular app nowadays and is running like a storm on the internet these days. Ookla is available on play store and app store also if you want to download it search it there otherwise visit the website to check the speed.

If the connection is week then surely there is a problem with the internet connection. Change or upgrade your router for better connection or contact the internet service problem for a solution.

Stream by using Terrarium TV Recommended Servers

Terrarium TV have some servers which is recommended by the app itself.
I will recommend you to use any of these servers for better result as I have never faced any buffering issue using these servers.
You will see a small window on your screen when you will click on the title. If you don’t want to see it again click on the option Don’t show again. Make sure before clicking on this option you have a record of all the recommended server for later use.

Server Issues in Terrarium TV

If your internet connection is stable and you have problem with your server where the content is hosted.
The content Terrarium TV host is not of its own.This app Fetch the content of multiple links from different server. The content is streamed from the link the server is pointing.
The link that the Terrarium TV shows up is the best one but sometimes it shows the bad links too which may result in shut down the server and you will face Terrarium TV buffering issues.

Wifi Tv 

Then you will face the problem with the server only you have to do is open another link with different server.
The problem with the Terrarium TV is that the server sometimes cannot handle the multiple streaming requests. This problem mainly occurs when I stream the HD content.

To use the Right Media Player with Terrarium TV
You may know that terrarium TV does not have its own media player. When you have installed the Terrarium TV it will ask you to install a media player for good streaming results.
When I started using Terrarium TV, I was unware of the warning messages which was delivered to me with a message to use a different media player. Then I decided to install the media player which Terrarium Tv is recommending. Then is have noticed a little improvement in the buffering speed but it was not a complete solution.
In the latest version of Terrarium TV it will not stream any link if yes player is not installed in it already.
For your information I am mentioning here that YesPlayer is available in PlayStore as well as Amazon Store. By using this player you are able to resolve the Terrarium TV buffering issues.

Avoid Internet Throttling by using a VPN
The internet Throttling is becoming common these days and many internet users in United States are suffering from it.
If you are streaming the biggest content using any internet service then anytime the ISP can block the internet speed without any warning.
There is a method by using that we can stop internet throttling and can use the internet to the fullest. By using any VPN service you can hide any of the content which you are watching.
The best VPN is Express VPN because it provide you a fast and a secure service.

How to clear the Terrarium TV App Data
One more thing you have to notice is that if you want to avoid Terrarium TV buffering issues then you may clear the Terrarium TV data and restore it.
You will lose all your personal settings by clearing the data. But there are some settings which are required to be settled again. After restoring make the changes back which are required later.
When you have deleted the data then also delete the data in cache.
If you are an android user and are using the Terrarium TV then the procedure is to open the settings and go to the Apps. Here you have to select Terrarium TV and click the button to delete the data and then clear cache.

Now if you are using Terrarium Tvon your FireStick then the process of clearing the data and cache is as follow:
1) Go to homescreen and select settings from here.
2) Now here click on Applications.
3) Now click on Manage Installed Applications.
4) Now navigate towards Terrarium TV and click on it.
5) Now here you have to click Clear data and after that click on Clear cache.
6) Again click on clear data.
7) Now go back to the previous screen here you will see that the data and Cache has been deleted.

This article will help you to overcome the Terrarium Buffering Issues. Terrarium TV is the popular app it point out multiple links from the different server. If the server is not streaming properly and is breached then open another link from different server.


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