Here’s All You Need to Know About Industrial Gates Installation


If you planning to install gates in your industry, there are few things you must know. People generally go ahead with the installation without doing a thorough research and end up repenting. There are different types of industrial gates that are considered to the uses and durability. When you are looking to know about the industrial gates here are the few factors.

Types of Industrial Gates

  1. Sliding Gates

These gates are generally used when there is a space constraint. However, in recent years, people have slowly started to switch to sliding gates owing to the plethora of benefits they offer. These gates do not occupy much space and can be as long as 12m. Also, you can enjoy enhanced security if you go for automatic sliding gates.

  1. Swing Gates

These gates work on the swing action and are attached to the ends with a hinge. If you have a large entrance to cover but don’t want to have the whole of it open for entrance, you have the option for bi-fold swing gates. These gates enhance the appeal of the property right after installation. Also, with the various options available in the market, you can always find the right one.

  1. Cantilever Gates

These gates are suitable for places where the chances of jamming of sliding and swing gates are high. They are not in contact with the ground. These too can be operated both manually and automatically. However, these don’t offer the same level of security as the swing or sliding gates. Therefore, you must consider all your options and then only go with the cantilever gates. But it is not mostly in use due to the technacalities and less privacy.

Now that you have understood the various options you have for industrial gates installation, it’s time we discuss the various factors that must be taken into consideration before installing one.


Industrial sectors can be a chemical factory or a garments manufacture in both cases the affect on the metal due to the production will differ. So, to avoid any affects on gates due to the chemicals and expose to the weather. The materials should be durable and the gates installation should be as per the convenicene of the employers and transport movements.

Industrial Sliding Gates

  • Security Features

All gates have some similar security features while other features are specific to a particular type. Before you go ahead with the industrial gates installation, it imperative that you identify the various security features you want to be installed in the industrial gate. Once you have a clear picture, go ahead and choose the one that can have all these features installed.

  • Cost

Cost is a major factor in any project and the same applies to industrial gates installation. The cost will vary from one type to the other and on the basis of the security features. Also, the size of the gate and the material used for its construction will influence the cost. Take all these factors into consideration and then choose a gate that best suits your requirement.

After reading all the things discussed above industrial gates installation, you can now easily choose one. But before you do, consult with those who have actually installed these gates on their premises and enquire about their experience and if they have faced any problems. This will help you get a clear perspective, which will help make the right call.

Now that everything is clear, it’s time you call the companies that deal with industrial gates, ask for quotations, and then choose the one that offers value for money service.


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