‘He’s a Nut, Mom’: Amber Heard’s 2013 text on Johnny Depp


‘He’s a Nut, Mom’: Amber Heard’s 2013 text on Johnny Depp

American actor Amber Heard discovered in 2013 that her boyfriend, Johnny Depp, was violent and abusive when she drunk a lot of drugs and alcohol, accusing her of Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde.

I read the document to the London High Court and on behalf of the publisher of the British tabloid newspaper. Sun, Accused of Depp’s defamation in a 2018 article titled’The Beater of a Wife’.

Deb, who presented evidence last week, denied and assaulted all of Heard’s allegations of violence and abuse.

According to Herd’s last four days of oral evidence, she was asked about an incident in March 2013 where the couple dated but were not married yet.

Johnny Depp prepares another day of evidence in court on Thursday. Figure: AAP

In a statement, Dr. Hurd said he was upset by snoring cocaine, drinking a whiskey, finishing a session, and seeing a picture of former partner Tasya van Ree hanging on the wall of the apartment.

She said that Depp is the first violent case for her.

The court heard that Hurd texted his mother over several points during the period of drug use, drinking and violence.

“He is a mother. Violent and crazy. I’m heartbroken that this is the person I love,” she said in one article.

“It feels like I’m on a high-speed train that’s about to explode, but I don’t want to jump and leave love. So I stay on the train. I know I’m about to explode,” she said.

Heard, asking her to explain the meaning of the word, said to the court:

She said that he is generous and loving when he is clean and cool. “He is such a great person. I didn’t want to lose it. I always wanted him to be clean and cool.”

But in another text on the same day, she told her mother that Depp didn’t hit her, was physically “good” and “generally furious” rather than violent to her.

The letters seemed to contradict the testimony that was sentenced to court, and she said that while she was going through the case, she grabbed her and rocked her to hit the wall.

She asked why she didn’t hurt her mother, and her father was concerned about her violence during her marriage, and she was worried that her father would be concerned about Depp’s violence.

She said that her father was afraid of the reaction.

In one of a series of texts in 2013, Hurd told her mother:

Another way she said, “I can’t tell my dad.”

I was also told, “It’s hard to handle mood swings and buzzing.”

“My heart was broken ah,” she said.

“It’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, who are exploding.”

Hudson’s sister Whitney is due to present evidence on Thursday.

The ruling is not expected immediately, but the trial will be over next week.


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