3 Holiday Traditions to Start Doing This Year


Every year, the holidays roll around, and the time for Christmas cheer settles in. There is always so much hype and excitement around this time that, occasionally, the feeling can strike that you aren’t really doing enough. As something that so many people look forward to all year round, it is easy for things to feel a bit anti-climactic when Christmas finally does show up. However, one great way of ensuring that your holiday season is everything that it should be is to start your own traditions.

Holiday traditions are those experiences that you get to share with your family every year that are truly something to look forward to. They help create the memories that you and yours will enjoy looking back on for many years to come. The key to starting good family traditions is to keep them personal to what you and your family enjoy doing.

Here are three solid ideas for holiday traditions that can help you and your family get into the holiday spirit every single year.

1. Giving Back

Amongst all of the presents and parties, it can be all too easy to lose sight of what most people think is the true meaning of Christmas. Giving back to those less fortunate should be a tradition that everyone participates in each year if they are able to. There are so many people in need around the holiday season who rely on the kindness of strangers just to get by. By finding a charitable organization that speaks to you and your family, you can easily participate in holiday giving so that you can help to make the holidays special for those who need a helping hand. Knowing that you have helped make someone else’s Christmas magical is a feeling like no other.

2. Baking Christmas Treats

Another great tradition that is a sure-fire way to get everyone into the holiday spirit is to pick a day before Christmas that you and your family can spend baking up and decorating some delicious holiday treats. From Christmas cookies to festive bread, you can find some amazing recipes online that will fill your home with the most comforting smells of Christmas and your bellies with some delightful treats. Find recipes that your whole family will enjoy so that you can make this tradition special for you all. Baked goods also tend to make for excellent presents for any person on your shopping list.

3. Have a Christmas Movie Night

One aspect of the holiday season that people love is all of the holiday-themed movies that air. Why not pick one or two of your family’s favorite holiday movies and host an annual Christmas movie night? You can make sure that your “theater” is all decorated for Christmas and that everyone has plenty of hot cocoa and holiday treats to enjoy. You can even invite some other family and friends over to enjoy movie night with you. Get the fireplace glowing to really add to the Christmas theme and cozy up for some uplifting and enjoyable Christmas movies.


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