How Do I Sell My House?


Contrary to popular belief, selling one’s home can be processed systematically and straightforwardly. Most sellers find the house for sale process a bit troublesome due to various reasons, such as lack of preparation, hunger for quick cash, or failure to compare listing prices in the market – next thing you know, your house is still on the market after three months.

This is why knowing the fundamentals of sale and median home prices is significant. When you know property marketing and the critical points of your house, the process can be far from burdensome. Here are some tips that you might want to adapt when it comes to selling your home.

The 5W Method

  1. The Why

As similar to writing news articles or research answers, the 5W1H Method can also be highly associated with big life decisions. When it comes to selling your home, a good start is establishing why the house is being sold. The intention could be for personal reasons like job relocation, financial back-up, or as simple as wanting to have a new owner to take care of it. This will narrow down the mode of payment the seller needs that perfectly fits the intention and situation of the home.

  1. The What

It is vital to know what the house needs before exposing it to the public market in selling home. If the home needs to be repaired, fixed, or added a new color – it is the next step. For starters, it would be best to jot down the areas, materials, potential costs, and budget before reconstruction. This way, it would minimize inconvenience and make the process more systematic.

  1. The Who

Simultaneously, in determining what should be the best thing to do with the home to upgrade its condition, the seller can decide if they might want to get professional help. In most cases, if the house sale is for financial back-up or time crunch, hiring a listing or real estate agent could be the best option.

  1. The Where

In distinguishing the best value for one’s home, it is recommended to check the listing prices within the location area. Big cities in the United States usually have high selling price just because of where it is placed. If the real estate agent is hired, it would be much easier to determine the selling price according to its location market. This way, the value of the seller’s home would not be over or underpriced and would have the tag that it deserves.

  1. The When

It was always advisable to set a date on the initial selling process and its deadline. When the sellers set a deadline or a target closing transaction in his or her home, the efforts throughout the process would be more realistic. Often, the longer a house is on sale (especially in place for sale sites), the lower the amount becomes.


Selling a house should never deprive you of learning and acquiring ways to find a reasonable owner for your home. Although the process can look like a drag, it should not be automatically challenging to handle. Are you interested in selling your house? We buy houses so contact us now.


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