How to Care for Sensitive Skin


There are different skin types, and they all have unique characteristics that require special care and appropriate products. Everyone knows about dry and oily skin, as they’re widely talked about, but what about sensitive skin? 

Sensitive skin can also be dry, oily, or combination, but it’s often likely to be dry. However, it’s possible to have other skin than dry, and still experience the issues that come with sensitive skin. So for that reason here are some tips that will help you care for sensitive skin.

Don’t be aggressive when treating your skin

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Since skincare is becoming more and more popular, it’s no surprise that more people are turning to it to treat their skin problems. However, if you’ve been meaning to start a complicated routine with multiple steps, maybe it’s better to stop and think about it. Multiple products contain even more ingredients, which can be overwhelming to someone who’s prone to redness, acne, and irritation. If you want to use many products in your morning or evening routine, then be sure to introduce them gradually, and always monitor the state of your skin after introducing a new product.

Know your skin and what it likes (and dislikes) 

Knowing your skin is the first step toward giving it what it needs. However, that might require some work, but the results will surely pay off. For example, if your skin is oily or combination, then you should stay away from products that contain heavy and comedogenic oils that are known to clog pores and possibly cause breakouts. The same goes for dry skin — using products with alcohol can actually dry it further. Therefore, be sure to learn about your skin, as that will help you choose the right products. Determining what skincare products will work best for you is as important as knowing your skin type. That is why you should also do a deep research of products, as nowadays, the number of beauty product sellers has increased dramatically. Exploring the differences between standard soaps and natural ones, such as soap made with goat milk or made with honey, may be a good starting point

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Try new things (but be smart about it) 

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New products are constantly entering the market, and sometimes, resisting them is easier said than done. However, countries like South Korea have elevated their skincare industry to whole new levels, so now using Korean skin care essence serum is a must all over the world. Trying new things, especially from different cultures, might help you find new solutions and learn valuable info when it comes to caring for your skin type. 

Always remove makeup 

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Removing makes sure feels like a hassle, especially late at night. But not removing makeup can actually harm your skin and lead to premature ageing, so make sure to remove it, even if you don’t feel like it. Ideally, you should double cleanse, but if that’s too much work, then be sure to use gentle micellar water, followed by a moisturizer. Stay away from makeup wipes, as they can cause micro-tears in the skin and advance the ageing process. 

Visit a facialist once in a while 

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Treating yourself to a facial can be of huge help especially if you’re dealing with skin issues on a regular basis. An experienced and well-trained facialist will pamper you with a nourishing treatment that will soothe your skin and minimize the flaws. However, before you make an appointment, make sure that the beautician is someone you trust. If possible, read the reviews or ask for recommendations before you make a final decision. Also, it’s important to ask the questions before the treatment, so you’ll be properly informed regarding the beauty treatment. 

Sensitive skin requires a bit more care, so it’s essential not to overspend on different products, especially if you’re unsure they’ll actually work. Instead, take your time to learn about your skin and its needs, and only use products that are known to work. Also, don’t be afraid to try new products, especially if they seem like a good fit, but make sure to read the reviews as well. That way, your skin will look clear, even and glowy. 


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