How To Incorporate More 1970s Style In Your Wardrobe


The revival of 1970s fashion trends has exploded over the last year, and the trend shows no signs of going anywhere. There are many cultural reasons why the 1970s have come back into style, with many films and TV shows set during the decade reviving the 70s style. For example, shows such as Daisy Jones and The Six and That 70s Show have made 1970s style cool again. 

However, you don’t need to throw out your wardrobe and buy a whole new wardrobe to participate in this trend. You don’t need to search for and invest in authentic, vintage 1970s clothes either! Incorporating 1970s style into your wardrobe is easy when you focus on a few trends and get some key pieces that you can rotate to make amazing 70s outfits. 

What pieces you invest in depends on the style of the 1970s subculture that you want to take inspiration from. Throughout the decade, there were a few key fashion movements that were extremely popular and defined the popular style of the period. These fashion movements have influenced modern popular styles and continue to be an inspiration to style today.

Four of the main 1970s fashion subcultures were hippie, disco, glam rock and a historical revival. These were some of the defining fashion looks of the 70s and are still replicated today. When someone thinks of 1970s style, it is probably one of these four key looks. If you want to replicate any of these looks and incorporate 1970s style into your wardrobe, you will need to invest in a few key pieces. Here is a complete guide for incorporating more 1970s style into your wardrobe. 

Hippie Style 

Although hippie or ‘hippy’ fashion is often associated with the late 60s, it continued well into the mid-70s. The hippie movement was associated with counterculture, freedom, and living in the natural world. Rejecting the rigid social standards of the 1950s, they advocated for ending war, instead promoting peace. Hippies became popular during the summer of love, when festivals such as Woodstock and Glastonbury dominated popular culture. Rock music soon started to become associated with the hippies. 

Their fashion style became incredibly iconic and emblematic of the period between the late 1960s and early 1970s. Hippie style was hugely influential, particularly on festival fashion. 

Some of the main staples, if you want to have hippie style in your wardrobe, are: 

Flared Jeans 

Flared jeans are arguably the most iconic style of trousers from the 1970s. Originating in the 1960s, they were associated with hippie style and fashion, and worn as a statement by both men and women. ‘Bell bottoms,’ another name for flared jeans, were referenced in the iconic rock song “Bell Bottom Blues” by Derek and the Dominos. However, after Sonny and Cher wore them on live television, they became incredibly popular. Flared jeans have also been very popular in recent years, so if you want to emulate 1970s fashion trends, you should definitely invest in some iconic bell-bottom jeans. 

Baggy Band T-Shirts

One of the best ways to incorporate 1970s hippie fashion easily is to invest in some baggy band t-shirts. If you want to look like you’ve just arrived from Woodstock or another festival, you should definitely style some baggy t-shirts with some flared jeans. If you really want to look like you walked straight from the 1970s, you should pick some bands from that era, such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. 

Afghan Coats 

A defining trait of the hippie style is wearing clothes that are crafted by artisans and use sustainable materials. Hippies are all about sustainability and giving back to the earth, and making the most out of your clothes. For this reason, afghan coats were some of the most popular clothing items during the hippie revolution. They were crafted by nomadic artisans using wool and sheepskin from local livestock, making them an incredibly sustainable choice. If you want to look stylish with a 70s staple all winter long, you should definitely invest in an afghan coat. 

Disco Diva

Disco was a genre of dance music that emerged in the mid to late 70s. However, like other music genres, fans of disco also liked to dress a certain way. Unlike the 1970s hippies, disco fans liked bright, psychedelic, luxurious clothing that drew attention in a certain way. They wanted to look bright and artificial, instead of sustainable and natural. Disco style could be seen in dance clubs, and was heavily influenced by nightlife. Films such as Saturday Night Fever (1977) and Thank God It’s Friday (1978) made disco mainstream, and very popular. If you want to emulate the disco style, here are some must-have fashion essentials. 

Sequin Trousers

Sequins were incredibly popular during the disco period, as disco fans wanted to look as bright and interesting as possible. The iconic disco ball of this period, displayed on many dance floors in disco nightclubs, defined the era. To match this disco ball, sequin outfits and sparkly jewellery and accessories were very popular in the disco scene. The whole point of disco style is to stand out from the crowd and express yourself, and bright sequins are the perfect way to differentiate yourself from others. Definitely invest in some sequin clothes if you want the perfect disco look. 

Big Earrings 

Hoop and statement earrings were some of the most popular accessories from the disco era. Disco fans wanted to stand out as much as possible, and bright and bold jewellery is a great way to define yourself against others. Some of the most popular earring styles from the disco era are waterfall diamante earrings and huge gold hoops. Pairing these earrings with a matching necklace, sequin outfit, and bold platforms is a great way to stand out at the discotheque. 

Glam Rock 

Glam rock was one of the most defining music subcultures of the 1970s, and it had its own fashion trends to match. Glam rock style could be included as having outrageous and wild costumes, bold makeup, and alternative hairstyles. Platform shoes and glitter are some of the more recognisable and iconic trends of the glam rock era, and stars such as David Bowie and Marc Bolan were pioneers of the glam rock sound and style. If you want a more edgy and glamorous 1970s look, here are some key pieces you need to invest in today. 

Glitter and Leather

Glam rock was all about mixing glamorous fabrics such as glitter and satin with harder fabrics like leather. One of the best ways you can emulate this style and have an amazing 70s fit is by mixing your fabrics to create a glamorous yet edgy look. Adding flamboyant details to otherwise ordinary clothing items, such as a leather shacket, is a great way to create the perfect glam rock wardrobe. 

Daring Heels 

Another huge element of glam rock was gender manipulation and expression. Both men and women wore exaggerated clothing and androgynous style, including large and daring heels. Platform shoes and statement heels were worn by both men and women during the period, demonstrating their ability to bend gender rules by wearing flamboyant clothing. If you want to wear more glam rock clothes, you should definitely invest in some daring platform high heels. 

Historical Revival 

Just as much as we look back on 1970s fashion, the people of the 70s also looked back on the past to come up with new fashion trends. Throughout the 1970s, fashion trends were inspired by eras of the past – more specifically, the Edwardian and Victorian eras. White lace, floral motifs and flowing long dresses dominated women’s fashion throughout the 1970s. Parasols, off-shoulder debutante sleeves and ribbon detailing were also very popular. If you want to dress like a historical revival (that was based on a historical revival) here are some of the key items you will need to invest in. 


One of the best ways you can dress like the historical revival fashion trends of the 1970s is by wearing corset tops. Corsets were popular from the 1800s and worn through both the Victorian and Edwardian eras. They went out of fashion during the 1920s, but emerged again during the 1940s and 50s, and again in the 1970s. You don’t need to lace yourself into a corset to achieve this look, however – corset tops will let you achieve the look without enlisting someone else’s help! In the 1970s, people styled corset tops with long, flowing skirts and floral hair pieces. 

Lace and Pastel Dresses

This was the staple of Edwardian revival clothing throughout the 1970s. Long, flowing dresses with billowing sleeves and a draping hemline were the key fashion item if you wanted to dress like a Victorian in this period. Colours such as white and pastel shades were very popular, to represent the femininity of the era, alongside fabrics such as lace and satin. If you want a truly vintage pick of this style, search online thrift shops for Laura Ashley and Gunne Sax. 

1970s fashion was incredibly diverse and included a lot of exciting fashion trends that you can choose from if you want to incorporate 1970s style into your wardrobe. These fashion picks are sure to make you look amazingly vintage and chic!



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