Johnny Depp was a violent criminal misogynist, the court said.

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Johnny Depp was a Violent Criminal misogynist, The Court Said

The British tabloid newspaper lawyer was accused of labeling Johnny Depp as ‘wife-beater’. He was a drug addict who caused intense anger.

Email Depp by Amber Heard The actor said that the explosion occurred due to excessive drug use.

I wrote an email in 2013 before the couple got married and wrote that Deb would turn into his violent self “monster”.

“You beat me repeatedly. What you should never do… And without alcohol and drugs, none of this would be possible. NONE”.

lawyer Sasha Wass suggested via email that she was an illusionist who assaulted her wife and abused her. It wasn’t actually sent to Depp, it was just kept as a draft.

Summarizing the case that the wife’s charges of beating were true and not defamatory, Mrs. Wass described the actor as “a addict of hope.”

American actress Amber Heard (L) left the British Court of Justice in London, England on July 27, 2020. Photo: Getty

She accused Depp of “deep misery” and cited text and email using words such as “whore”, “whore” or “valueless whore” against Hurd and other women, and “about profound misfortune.” Accused.

that much Pirates of the caribbean Star strongly denied the charges and said he had never heard of it or had never used violence against another woman.

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Depp claimed to be a victim, claiming that Heard was the one who attacked him.

He is a newsgroup newspaper, Sun, And one of his reporters, Dan Wootton, has passed an article in 2018 that called him the “wife beater.”

“Mr. Depp was trying to use a more old-fashioned method used to avoid women’s mistrust. She is a gold seller, adulterer, and adulterer.” Lawyers said jealousy was the catalyst for many violent events.

She said Heard denied cheating on Depp, and was unrelated and financially independent as a successful actress.

“Hardly, the relationship was a clash between culture and generation,” Huz described Herd as a young and ambitious actress.

The lawyer said that Depp did not want his partner to continue appearing in the movie with young and attractive actors and was upset that she could not control her.

Vice said that Deb was accusing him of physically attacking him, and that he was trying to change the charges and the role of the victim.

Johnny Depp, Former Security Officer Sean Bett Figure: AAP

Mentioning one of the claims made by Deb’s legal team—he said the Witnesses had never seen Depp hear except her and her sister—Wass said domestic violence occurred behind closed doors.

She rejected the criticism of the Depp team that Hurd formed her claim as part of the falsehood.

After the two separated, Wass said. Depp started destroying Heard.

In a letter to a friend in 2016, he said, “She is begging humiliation around the world…

“Gold digging, low levels, dozens of sultry and pointless abuse Flappy Fish Markets have no ounces of mercy, fear, emotions or thoughts I once loved.”

Deb’s lawyer David Sherborne will make his claim on Tuesday.


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