Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Show Amber Heard ‘attack’ video


Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Show Amber Heard ‘attack’ video

Amber Heard’s sister denied that Johnny Depp’s lawyers against the British tabloid had lied to a London court after his ex-wife presented video footage alleging that she was violent to her.

His legal team testified that Whitney Henry Keze testified in court that she had never heard of it and was not afraid of her, and that a few hours later Thursday night she received a video from a “confidential” source.

Depp, 57, is a newsgroup journalist Sun, And the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Dan Wootton, passed an April 2018 article titled “Wife Beater” to the actor.

Depp told the court that he had been abused by Heard and that she had a violent history.

Sun The Department of Defense has relied on a variety of circumstances, including rented homes in Australia, private islands in the Bahamas, and private jets on 14 charges of Deb’s violence between 2013 and 2016.

Video Source

According to Depp’s lawyer, the key video of Friday’s court action, the last session before summarizing the claims from both sides on Friday, is a reality TV footage that was not used in 2006 or 2007, showing Henriquez in the pool with a group of women. friend.

One of them was told, “Did you get a fight or something?” “I can’t believe Amber beat your ass”

Another person appears to have examined Henriquez’s cheeks and arms, and Henriquez said he would not talk about this.

After watching the video in court, Henriquez said the debate with her sister is “linguistic” and her friends “are trying to make a very boring story more fun.”

Henriquez also denied that he was injured when the video was being recorded, and a friend said, “I am trying to make a story and to do nothing to find missing injuries and make something more interesting.”

Def’s lawyer, David Sherborne, said “it’s really clear” that her sister was assaulted and an injury to Henry Kez is being investigated on tape.

Henriquez is an important witness in the trial because he saw Depp hitting her sister.

Henriquez said in her testimony on Thursday that Depp hit “many times” in a March 2015 incident in a couple’s Los Angeles apartment.

She also said that her sister had punched Deb on the occasion, but that she had to defend her because she believed Deb would push Henry Kez down the stairs.

Depp’s lawyers said Henriquez adjusted his evidence to meet the sister’s version of the case, especially with regard to the “stairs” case.

“We lied to support our sister on this important issue about what happened on the stairs,” Sherborne said.

In her four-day testimony this week, 34-year-old Heard accused Deb of a series of acts of violence, especially when he suspected of being drug or drunk.

This included throwing a bottle “like a grenade”, hitting her and even sticking a cigarette on her cheek.

She insisted that she often feared her life in her turbulent relationship.

After 14 days in court, it will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, due to the submission deadlines of both sides’ legal teams.

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