Kim Kardashian, Compassion for “Colorful but Complex’ Kanye


Kim Kardashian, Compassion for “Colorful but Complex’ Kanye

Following Kim Kardashian’s other bizarre public announcement by the rapper’s husband, Kim Kardashian sought sympathy and sympathy for the “colorful but complex” Kanye West.

Kardashian opened the West’s struggle with bipolar disorder in the most detailed commentary on the impact of mental health on the family.

Her first public statement for weeks of interviews, public appearances, and Twitter comments, including her husband Wednesday night posts He mentioned his desire for divorce.

West wrote this message without explaining in more detail: “Since Kim met Meek at Warldolf to reform the prison, he has been trying to divorce.

The posts were quickly deleted, but not before the fans and followers were alerted.

Earlier this week, West posted a series of tweets. His wife, who was later removed, claimed to be trying to compare his medical rationale with Nelson Mandela.

“A bipolar disorder does not destroy or invalidate one’s dreams and creative ideas,” said Kardashian.

It is part of his genius and many of his big dreams have come true, as we all witnessed. ‘

She commented long on the Instagram story on Thursday morning (Australian time). I felt it was necessary to fight the “I am misunderstood and misunderstood” mental health.

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Yes, an award-winning singer comes after throwing a hat at a US presidential race and throwing a bizarre campaign rally. In the meantime, he made several absurd claims to the liberator and his brain is too big for his skull.

In her Instagram post, Kardashian did not mention West’s statement to run for the White House in the November 2020 election.

West held a rally in South Carolina under the banner of his style birthday party on the weekend, but he did not have a consistent political policy.

“Kani Ye and intimate people know his mind and one day understand his words that don’t match his intentions,” said Kardashian.

West announced that he had bipolar disorder in 2018 and in the past felt the drug stimulated creativity.

He was hospitalized for psychotherapy in 2016.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar disorder is a form of mental illness characterized by extreme energy and abnormal mood changes between activity and depression.

It can be treated with a combination of medication and therapy.

Kardashian said she and her family are trying to help the West and talked about stigma and misunderstanding about mental health.

“A person who understands psychosis or compulsive behavior knows that the family is powerless, unless it is a minor,” she said.

She said that individuals should be involved in the process of getting help.

“The media and the masses are asking us to show sympathy and compassion to overcome this problem,” Kardassian added.


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