7 Easy Money Saving Hacks for Your Car


Many vehicle problems can be solved with real effort and a little ingenuity. Some places charge a large number of dollars to solve fairly simple problems and people pay a large excess of cash to solve small basic problems. Here are some tips on vehicles that you can use to save money and make your vehicle experience more and more enjoyable.

1) Use toothpaste to clean the headlights.

This is extremely simple but requires a bit of weapons quality. Use toothpaste and rub on the plastic that covers your headlights. Give him the opportunity to sit down a little at this time, rinse with clean water and dry. This will evacuate the misty layer that scatters them. In case you want to keep them as such, try using clean furniture or car wax to keep them clean

2) Fix broken windows with nail polish.

While you cannot repair your window expertly, you can refrain from exacerbating it. Make sure all the dirt is cleaned; At this point, fill the broken territory and the area marginally out of the break with a clear and clean acrylic nail. When it dries, it seals the territory to prevent it from spreading until it can be repaired with precision

3) Use a rubber band to hold your phone.

Watching your phone while driving is very risky and should be kept at a strategic distance from anything. However, if you have to look at the bearings and do not have a mobile phone holder, you can place an elastic band in your AC. Complete the elastic band by the highest point of the vent and pull the other half through the base. Organize your phone so that the highest point of the elastic keeps the highest point of your phone and the base of the elastic keeps the base

4) Clean your dashboard with kitchen supplies.

Many people are fond of olive oil so that their hair and skin look good. The espresso channels work incredibly like a delicate polish without scratches. Consolidate both so that the dashboard of your vehicle looks good: pour some olive oil into the channel and clean the board. It is likely that this will not allow you to prepare food in your vehicle, but it will leave residue or dirt and give a bright and pleasant shine in your vehicle

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5) Use your seat warmer to keep food warm

Not all vehicles come with localized seat warmers, but those that do can be used for an extremely valuable capacity. When you have something to eat, light your seat warmer and put food in the seat. It will not keep the food steaming, but it will certainly help to moderate the cooling process so your food stays hot longer

6) Use a plastic box as a dumpster

In case you get a plastic box with a large enough opening, you can put anything in it and you can even place a tin plate so you can use it more easily. They cost only several dollars and can make your vehicle less like a garbage container

7) Cold mornings? 2 parts liquor, 1 part water.

To do this, take an old shower container and fill it with 2 slices of liquor and a slice of water. Just bathe it on the windshield and the ice will begin to crack. Clean the liquefied ice from the windshield and it will be ready.


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