PEMF for Knee Pain – 3 Things you Need to Know


Although the exact number of Americans affected by chronic pain cannot be estimated as they vary widely, The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine published a report saying that there are millions of Americans whose lives are impacted by chronic pain. Knee pain, after back pain is the major pain condition reported.

Knee pain could be a result of an accident or an injury, a mechanical problem in the knee joint, or inflammation. Various kinds of arthritis such as Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout are more likely to cause knee pain. Whatever the reason and source of pain may be, the knee pain can badly impact the mobility of the knee and ultimately the patient’s quality of life.

Most of the patients with knee pain use analgesics like NSAIDs for the rest of their life to manage the pain. But one should not forget that the medicines bring with them unwanted side effects. Long term use of NSAIDs may cause serious toxicity. There is an increasing need to find conservative and alternative approaches to treat knee pain to avoid toxicity associated with chronic use of analgesics.

PEMF, also known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has shown promising results in knee pain management. Let’s have an overview of what PEMF actually is what you need to know about PEMF therapy for knee pain.

Things You Need to Know

Below are described a few things you need to know about this emerging technology before planning a PEMF therapy for knee pain.

The Science behind

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) or low field magnetic stimulation (LFMS) is a noninvasive technology designed to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural recovery mechanism using electromagnetic waves.

Science says that if living cells do not receive the pulsed magnetic field of the earth, they die within hours. A healthy cell has a voltage of about – 25 millivolts. When our cells’ voltage dips under that level, they can’t mend and become broken. So how do we increase the voltage or charge on the cells (remember, voltage is just stored energy).Well, the answer is simple, by applying earth based pulsed electromagnetic frequencies.

Each pulse from the PEMF device or PEMF mats makes a little electrical sign that animates cells and permits them to reboot their compound and electrical cycles to work typically once more. The outcome is better cell wellbeing, capacity, and vitality, so the body can start to fix itself with no further clinical treatment.

How will PEMF Impact my Knee Pain?

For a long time, The PEMF used to remain an underrated option for the management of knee pain. But now it is emerging as an ideal therapy for managing knee pain as well as other health related problems. PEMF sends magnetic energy pulses into the knee stimulating a repairing mechanism at the cellular level. PEMF is a safe and noninvasive technique for treating knee pain, back pain, and other conditions.

In a study, patients who got PEMFT for knee pain detailed a critical decrease in pain and showed a few other improvements contrasted to those getting treatment with a hoax device.

“Notwithstanding its safety, quite possibly the main benefits of utilizing PEMF for knee pain is its viability profile, which was observed with regard to pain discernment, its threshold limit, and knee mobility and physical activity,” said the review’s lead author Gian Luca Bagnato, MD, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Messina, Italy, in one of his email interviews.

PEMFT delivered by whole body PEMF mats is now promoted in many countries. Specially designed PEMF mats are available in the market that are active devices to deliver varying signals to the body to promote cell healing.Using a full body PEMF mat or a targeted pad for almost half an hour per day can help manage the pain effectively.

Is PEMF Safe for Me?

PEMF is a totally safe and non-invasive therapy for treating various physical and mental conditions. Some initial discomfort and allergy is not uncommon with the use of PEMF machines. Mild adverse reactions may occur and that also with the whole body treatment and not with local treatment. However, these effects are temporary and usually go away by taking a break from the treatment. If you are not using pacemakers, have not undergone organ transplants, and are not pregnant, you are all welcome to try a PEMF therapy for knee pain for an improved and better quality of life.

And to finish…take away

 The genuine key to a successful PEMF therapy for knee pain is to purchase a PEMF mat that gives the best possible frequencies that are receptive to the human body. PEMF mats are not intended to substitute any therapeutic regimen for knee pain recommended by your doctor, but they can be a great addition to it. PEMF is effective with its “Pain Control” and “Enhanced mental capacity” properties.

DISCLAIMER: Consult with a Doctor before Deciding on a PEMF Therapy Plan for knee pain or Any Other Ailment.


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