Economist has made us realize that human needs are insatiable. Due to the fast-changing trends in fashion, there would always be new and different trends to keep up with.

Clothes, bags, and other fashion accessories will always draw our attention. Of all these fashion trends, clothing tends to take a larger percentage of importance. Hence the need to enhance our appearance with fashion jewelry emerges.

Most times we get stuck and confused with this enormous list of fashion accessories. Embedded in the lines of this article are six statements making fashion jewelry that is pretty popular in wholesale jewelry world and you should add them to your wardrobe.

These fashion jewelry pieces will always serve you and stand the test of time.  With these accessories, you can always look stunning in your different outfits.

6 Necessary pieces to build your jewelry Wardrobe.

With this six-piece, you can relax and be rest assured that you would always have matching accessories for your various outfits. For a fashionable woman, you should always stay alert on the latest fashion and have these 6 necessary fashion accessories as the building block of your jewelry wardrobe.

  • Diamond studs:

With solitaire diamonds, you are always good to go keeping it simple or making bold and classic statements. It sustains a constant glow on your face all day and you don’t have to fret about complex necklines. Choosing the shape of diamond studs to go for, Princess cut styles are very classy and well known. Round diamonds studs are very trendy and nice pick too. Diamond can be a bit expensive but you would always get the value for your money. For some beautiful and affordable diamond studs check out Stefano Navi’s lab grown studs.


  • Pearls:

Pearl is the most unique germ stone since ancient times. Very simple and yet a symbol of strength and success. It gives a classy feminine look and a nice pick for formal outfits.

They are made available in different colors and can be worn as earrings, pendant, bracelet, and necklace. This piece in your jewelry wardrobe is a whole a lot of Fortune. Very affordable and would fit well with most of your outfit. Pearls that are 6mm and above in size gives a very terrific outlook.

  • Pendant Necklace:

You can decide to wear pendant necklaces alone or stacked with other chains which are a high fashion nowadays. There are various types of pendants you can choose to show your statement such as animal themes, love style, punk fashion, cartoon design, etc. It can be worn to express different personality types as well, making it suitable for almost anybody. It can be worn to work or for casual outings. In choosing the perfect pendant necklaces, colored gem, icon letter, Pearl drop, or solitaire are very nice choices.

Pendant Necklace must have Jewelry

  • Wrist Watch:

A classic lady’s wristwatch is an essential piece a fashionable woman should add to her jewelry collection. They are status symbols in some occasions and can be worn with almost everything. With the fast changing of fashion, it is witnessed many more different fashion design of wristwatches nowadays, so you can choose to wear different wrist watches to match your corresponding outfits or dresses. Do collect several pieces of such jewelry type in your wardrobe.

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  • Gemstone Rings:

You should not ignore the accessories on your hands. Therefore, bold gemstone rings are great ways of updating your jewelry wardrobe at very affordable prices. Gemstone rings come with various designs and colors based on the different gems used for the ring. It is one of the most classic designs of fashion jewelry piece and the trend simply goes on since old times but with new elements and concepts inserted to convey the latest fashion languages. It adds elegance to your dressings and a way of showcasing your style.

Gem Stone Rings

  • Hoop Earrings:

Hoops are rounded fashionable earrings styles. Giving you a simple and yet very elegant appearance on any occasion. It is one of the most fashionable jewelry for women, which comes in different sizes, colors and designs based on the fundamental hoop style. As the classic design of wholesale earrings, it shows the best style and essence of women when matching with beautiful dresses.

To add hoop earrings to your jewelry wardrobe, consider going for a silver or gold-colored hoops, as they fit well into almost all outfits. Ensure you go for hoops with tightly fitted hooks and do not wear big rounded hoop earrings for official duties.

With these six classical collections in your wardrobe, you can always be confident because in every outing you go, you’re bound to stand out. If you are interested in finding more unique fashion jewelry styles and designs to add to your wardrobe, JewelryBund.com will be a great source as a world leading wholesale fashion jewelry store and supplier online; you will find 30000+ different styles beautiful fashion jewelry that most women love and are pursuing with the latest jewelry trends.

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