Roofing Software – Top Tools & Providers (Roofr)


Roofing contractors are responsible for managing a team and ensuring work is up to par in quality to satisfy customers so they consider re-hiring. But as competition tightens, roofing businesses will need to differentiate themselves from the rest to emerge at the top.

Investing in roofing software is the most effective way to stand out from the competition. Software platforms help streamline your activities and improve customer satisfaction. It may, however, be difficult to choose the best software.

Of the many software platforms that are available on the market, Roofr is the top tool. Its interface is simple, and you can easily operate it. Additionally, its prices are fair, and it has many features compared to other tools. Check out this roofing software – prices and reviews.

The top roofing software tools and providers

Here are the top roofing software tools and providers for your consideration.

1.    Roofr

Roofr comes out on top as the best and most affordable tool available. The platform provides you with plenty of features, such as 3D models that use satellite imagery. Roofr comes at a fair price, and any roofing company, small or large, can use it.

Roofr’s features

  1. Instant quotes – Roofers can generate quotes instantly and send them to customers, who can view the project’s cost.
  2. Roofing calculator – Access an accurate roofing calculator for calculating your project’s expenses.
  3. Material calculator – No need to stress yourself about the materials required and their cost, since Roofr does it all for you. Simply select the customer’s chosen roofing material, and the calculations will be completed instantly.
  4. Interactive customer support – Whether you use emails, chats, or phone calls to seek help, the company’s support professionals always seem to be available to sort your issues out.
  5. 3D tool – The platform uses satellite imagery to develop a 3D model so you can visualize your project before it starts.
  6. Money-back guarantee – If your project’s results don’t meet your expectations, Roofr offers refunds.
  7. Google Maps – Integration with Google Maps means an accurate view of the building you need to roof. This eliminates a roofer’s need to physically travel to the site.
  8. Project management – This feature helps roofers track all their project progress, create new ones, and manage existing projects.
  9. Customer management – A customer management tool helps roofers quickly access and monitor customer details. Additionally, you can message clients to ask questions and get feedback.

Roofr’s advantages

This tool is beneficial in the following ways:

  1. You can create an invoice and send it to your client after finishing a project successfully.
  2. It contains comprehensive roofing features.
  3. This tool is affordable thanks to its cheap plans.
  4. It enables collaboration among the project’s team.
  5. The support team at Roofr works 24/7.
  6. Roofr works on all devices.

Roofr’s pricing

Roofr offers fair and transparent prices for all its services, with no hidden costs, meaning you’ll get the best possible deal and save money.

  • Free – You can access Roofr’s services for free, including DIY reports. You can also opt to pay $15 for generated reports.
  • Pro – This plan requires a payment of $89 per month. Your measurement reports will be ready in 6 hours, and you can also use a material calculator and make more comprehensive proposals.
  • Premium – Pay $149 per month and access pro features, in addition to a 3-hour turnaround for reports.
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise plan has the highest turnaround for reports. Satellite imagery also becomes easier to access.

Roofr user reviews

As you’ll see, there are various roofing software platforms on the market today, but none quite as seamless as Roofr. Here’s what some users had to say after using their services:

“I own my own inspections company, Goolsby Ladder. Another report service wouldn’t process on a large roof due to heavy tree coverage. I got my first report from Roofr for free! And additional reports are only [$15]. I am very excited to start using Roofr instead of hand measuring roofs!”

  • Goolsby Ladder

“I have used Roofr for 2 years now. I have enrolled the last 2 companies I worked for and now I use it for my own roofing company.  The roof diagram impresses the homeowners and gives them the confidence that they are dealing with professionals.”

  • Steven Whitworth, CEO of World Class Roofing


The software platform helps contractors manage their finances, projects, and customers. It has invoicing, payment, and financial reporting features, and it is cross-platform.

However, it doesn’t have a free plan like Roofr, so if you’re working on a budget, it may be difficult to opt for this platform. Additionally, Roofr has a higher value for money compared to JobNimbus.

2. Job Progress

Job Progress is an online platform for streamlining roofing services, letting you see your customer’s purchase history. However, new users have to pay a $500 setup fee. For most businesses, this is expensive compared to Roofr’s free account setup service.

3. Builder Prime

Builder Prime is web-based and offers tools for managing leads, invoices, and customers. It also offers a simple app for assigning duties. Its plans are as follows:

  • Startup – $99 a month
  • Essential – $199 a month
  • Growth – $299 a month

Compared to Roofr, Builder Prime’s subscription plans are more expensive.

How to access the top roofing software, Roofr

To access Roofr using a web browser or mobile phone:

  1. Type in Roofr’s website ( into your browser, or download the Roofr app from the Google Play store or Apple store depending on your device.
  2. Fill in the boxes requesting “Login” credentials (or if you don’t have one, you can create a Roofr account by hitting “Sign up”).

Once the dashboard launches, you can use the navigation section to access any relevant services.


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