Some of the best James Bond movies of all times


Some of the best James Bond movies of all times



Below is the List of James Bond movies, Probably there are many differences, but there are few differences in the first and 24th. Of course, there is no very objective standard. Anyway, why not 24, not 23? Can’t you miss the fun of chewing’Never Say Never Again’?

24. <Another Day> Die Another Day

2002 director Lee Tamahori starring Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Toby Stevens

The Other Day premiered at the Royal Cinema on November 18, 2002, with Queen Elizabeth II attending. If the Sex Pistols were still active, they would have sung, “God, save the queen.” Lee Tamahori from <The Warrior’s Descendants> (probably drunk) grabs a megaphone, “Another Day” is the worst James Bond movie to say. Bond, who infiltrated North Korea on a huge wave, was tortured by a North Korean army on a hovercraft, met with Harley Berry in Cuba wearing a orange bikini and mimicking Asura Andres of <murder number> in Cuba, and a climax equipped with a robot arm ( In addition, they fight in a crashed transport plane with a North Korean officer who transformed into a white man through plastic surgery. Probably the purpose of the crew was to create a blockbuster that looks expensive in James Bond history. The problem was that after the excessive motivation, the cheapest Sci-fi film in Bond history was born. It is not to be overlooked that the research on the Korean Peninsula was too poor. Think about it. What is the reason that the producer sent Pierce Brosnan saying “I will make a new bond movie” after <Another Day>?

23. <Never Say Never Again> Never Say Never Again

1983 director Irvine Kirscher starring Sean Connery, Max Von Shido and Kim Basinger

1983 was the year of the’Bond War’. Two James Bond films, Octopus and Never Say Never Again, clash at the box office at the same time. Why did this happen? To know it, you need to go back in history. Ian Fleming, the original author of the Bond series, did not pass the copyright of the novel Thunderball to the EON productions of producer Albert Broccoli (who has made the Bond series so far). So the right to remake <Thunderball>, the most successful bond in history, belonged to Fleming’s friend Kevin McClory. In order to make his own Bond series, McCorrey made a remake of <Thunderball>, a remake of <Thunderball> with his only copyright as a weapon during his legal battle with EON Productions. However, despite returning to Sean Connery and a famous actor named Max von Shido, the result was a win over Octopus. Sean Connery is not too old. Roger Moore is three years older. The problem was the overwhelmingly boring direction of Irvine Kirsner (<Imperial Counterattack> <RoboCop 2>). On the other hand, Octopus is the hottest entertainment film among Roger Moore’s works. End of the game.

22. <Diamond Forever> Diamonds Are Forever

1971 director Guy Hamilton starring Sean Connery, Charles Gray

Sean Connery has already declared that he will no longer play the role of Bond after the 67-year-old <Buy Twice>. The problem is that George Rezenby’s The Great Queen’s Big Ops (1969), which took on the second bond after Connery, was not popular. The impatient crew returns Sean Connery with the condition “just once more!” However, since the actor who left his mind was twisted and seated again on the condition of’the best contribution in history and 1% of the proceeds of the movie’, the movie may come out properly. <Diamond Forever>, which is about fighting a Specter gang on the stage in Las Vegas, is an unattractive background, an aspiring actor, a slow action scene, and a series of changes that have turned into a B-class movie style blockbuster since <Live twice> Is a movie that sells my grave in a mixed body. What’s more, it turned out to be the problem with Guy Hamilton, one of the best films in Bond history, Gold Finger. In the future, this man was a nobleman to produce the most uninteresting bond films such as <Alive or Alive> and <A Man with a Golden Gun>.

21.<Did or Live> Live and Let Die

1973 director Guy Hamilton starring Roger Moore, Jane Seymour, Yapet Koto

When Sean Connery fled from Bond Station, the series was on the crossroads between dying and living. The second bond, George Rezenby, was never eaten by the masses. The hurried producers went through a large-scale audition and cast Roger Moore from the TV series <St.> as a new bond. No one expected success. Roger Moore was already older than Sean Connery and was too light and smirking to play a cold spy with a murder license. Of course, as history proves, Roger Moore plays the leading role in the largest number of bond films in history, and engrosses the love of the public. Of course not from the beginning. Roger Moore’s first bond movie, “Let’s Live or Die” was a film that didn’t meet the expectations of the fans. The film, which monopolizes the heroin market and fights the prime minister of the Caribbean country to dominate the U.S. economy, is overwhelmed by the lack of tension as a spy due to the abuse of surreal magical powers, and clumsyly following the blacksplit trend in the early 70s. I was in a hurry. Paul McCartney’s Theme SongWill survive longer.

20. <Never Die> Tomorrow Never Dies

1997 director Roger Sportiswood starring Pierce Brosnan, Quantum Kyung and Jonathan Price

The bond movie that most likely touched Rupert Murdoch’s planting. The media conglomerate Eliot Cover (Jonathan Price) is about to use the satellite and the media to start the Third World War. The reason is simple. The idea is to neutralize the powers and conquer the world. The weakness of <Never Die> is a story that is embarrassing enough to make the production year of 1997 the same. It is also difficult to understand that the first goal for the World War was the outbreak of war between China and Britain, as the media conglomerates set out to cause World War III. It would be easy to explain that it is a fantasy of a British blockbuster that the British still think is a great country. The only advantage of <Never Die> is the quantum mirror. The Malaysian action star, divided as Chinese intelligence agent Weilin, jumps out of the building with Bond or rides a motorcycle and swings his legs in the crowded downtown of Bangkok. In a nutshell, I think it’s a’Post-Hong Kong Returns’ James Bond movie that borrowed the popularity of Chinese action and made it easy.

19. <The Spy Who Loved Me> 

19 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1977 director Louis Gilbert starring Roger Moore, Richard Kiel

All three Bond films directed by Lewis Gilbert. <I Live Twice> from Sean Connery, <Moon Raker> from Roger Moore, and <The Spy Who Loved Me>. By this time, it is obvious what the strategy of this man is. It is about pursuing the originality of spies and pursuing an overwhelming blockbuster entertainment movie. Anyway, Roger Moore’s third Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, had to be a success. When <Let’s Live or Live> (1973) and <The Man with the Golden Gun> (1974) failed to see the light in the box office, the producers instructed them to somehow maximize their eyeballs and scrape the public’s money. With a production cost doubled from his predecessors, director Louis Gilbert then randomly uses’mysterious secret weapon play’, which is a feature of Roger Moore’s Bond film. The most interesting is the most attractive bond car Lotus Esprit in history. This amazing bond car that instantly transforms into a submarine when running into the water while running on the ground was the ultimate fantasy of the boys. But just because toys are cool doesn’t mean that the movie is fun. Carly Simon’s theme songWow, if you didn’t have a bond car, there is not much to remember.

18. <The Man with the Golden Gun> The Man with the Golden Gun

18 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1974 director Guy Hamilton starring Roger Moore, Christopher Lee

The opponent that Roger Moore collides with in his second Bond movie is the man of the golden gun, Scaramanga, who installs himself to monopolize the world by monopolizing solar energy. What’s unique about this man is that he has three nipples, and a stunningly gentlemanly cowboy-style showdown to James Bond. Should I say the most fishy villain in Bond history? Among Korean old fans, there are quite a few who remember <The Man with the Golden Gun> as the most exciting bond movie. It wasn’t because the movie was fun, but it had a lot of memorable images. Think about it. A rock island in Phuket, Thailand, has the name’James Bond Rock’ (and honeymooners will have to remember this rock), and elements of contemporary martial arts films (especially, <Yongyonghotu>!) were borrowed randomly. Unfolds. Thanks to the feast of exotic images, <The Man with the Golden Gun> remains a kind of bond classic. Korean actor Oh Soon-taek appears as a person helping Bond.

17. <Unlimited> The World Is Not Enough

17 Number of James Bond Movies List is, Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Robert Carlisle starring Michael Apted in 1999

In terms of its value as an action blockbuster, Unlimited is the pinnacle of the Pierce Brosnan Bond film. Interestingly, the center of <Unlimited> is almost equally distributed among Bond, M, and villains. When M’s friend Robert King, the oil giant, dies, Bond takes on the task of protecting King’s daughter, Electra. Bond falls in love with Electra, who suffers from the Stockholm syndrome, but it turns out that she has already been deprived of the villain who kidnapped her. <Unitymid> solves the drama through the conflict between two female characters, M and Electra, and comes closer to the’new age bond movie’ that <Golden Eye> or <Never Die> has not achieved. Action scenes set in the wells of the former Soviet Union, Bilbao, Spain, the Canals of the River Thames in London and the giant submarine were trained with the skill of Michael Apted. Electra, carefully played by Sophie Marceau, is the most memorable villain bond girl after Barbara Carrera in <Never Say Never Again>.

16. <View to a Kill> A View to a Kill

16 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1985 director John Glenn starring Roger Moore, Christopher Warcon, Grace Jones

Roger Moore’s last James Bond movie. To conquer the computer chip industry, Bond confronts the mad maniac Max Zorin (Christopher Warcon), who is about to destroy Silicon Valley by a massive earthquake. Except for the 83-year film Octopus, director James Glenn’s James Bond series (<For Your Eyes Only> <Living Daylight> <License to Kill>) is characterized by’reality’. Glenn’s Bond films are largely faithful to the character of Ian Fleming’s original spy, and don’t overlook mysterious special equipment. However, among the realistic spy-based bond films, <View to a Kill> is the least fun. To some extent, it was probably due to Roger Moore’s age. Moore, who was older than Sean Connery at the moment he was already selected as the third major bond, was almost sixty at the time of filming <View to a Kill>. According to a later date, Moore decided to leave the series when he realized that Tanya Roberts’ mother, who played the Bond Girl, was younger than herself. I don’t know if it’s true, but Moore finally turns over to Timothy Dalton after the film.

15. <Quantum of Solace> Quantum of Solace

15 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 2008 director Mark Foster starring Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalik

<Casino Royal> rebooted the James Bond series. But this is not the first time. See the history book. EON Production, the producer, has already reborn the bond with George Rezenby’s <The Great Majesty>. The action became even faster under the influence of contemporary martial arts films, and even Bond became a tragic hero leaving MI6 in love (Deja Vu!). Another change was Timothy Dalton’s murder license. Bond abandoned his murder license for personal revenge and performed a die-hard action (also deja-vu!). However, the audience stubbornly rejected the two changes. It wasn’t time yet. The producers of <Casino Royal> successfully revived the series by introducing the trendy action of the’Bone Series’ and removing elements such as traditional bond images and opening credits. The problem comes from there. The mission of <Quantum of Solus> is heavy. In order to continue the series successfully, it is necessary to establish a solid foundation beyond the twist that betrays the expectations of the audience. Interestingly, the path chosen by Quantum of Solus is a return to the traditional James Bond movie. From production design to the concept of action scenes that are devoted to pursuit of airplanes, boats, and automobiles, <Quantum of Solus> unfolds the elements of the classic bond film and unfolds them on the screen. If you were an old fan, MI6 agent Fields (Gemma Attenton) would have laughed, thinking <Gold Finger> in a scene where oil was painted all over and killed on the bed. Of course, the problem is that it’s all a little lukewarm.

14. <Golden Eye> GoldenEye

14 Number of James Bond Movies List In 1995, directed by Martin Campbell, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Isabella Skorupko

After Timothy Dalton’s murder license, the series seemed to be over. In the early ’90s, when the Die Hard and Lee Wet Weapon series completely changed the formula for Hollywood action films and the Cold War had already ended, the Bond series was overly naive (even though Timothy Dalton was hired for more intense action). I tried it. However, the crew was unlikely to fold the most successful series in history. The reason is simple. This is because the Bond series was still a profitable franchise despite the success of Dalton. The most necessary thing to save the series was to find the James Bond suitable for the new era. The crew’s choice was Pierce Brosnan, who gained popularity in the TV series Remington Steel. The choice was right. Brosnan wasn’t overly light like Roger Moore and not as dry as Timothy Dalton. Everyone would have shouted in the scene where Brosnan drove the tank, rushing through the city, sticking his head out and tying his tie. James Bond!

13. <Buy twice> You Only Live Twice

13 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1967 director Louis Gilbert starring Sean Connery, Akiko Wakabayashi, Mie Hama

His previous work, Thunderball, made the biggest box office profit in Bond movie history, but began to act as a poison. Producers invested a huge amount of money to discover the laws of blockbusters to extract money after capturing exotic locations and overwhelming action scenes. <Buy Twice> is the beginning of a blockbuster bond movie. An American spacecraft is kidnapped from space by Bond’s eternal enemy Specter gang. Bond and the Japanese intelligence agency (the ninjas dispatched from Ninja!), who have learned that the spacecraft has fallen over Japan, attempt an assault with Spector’s headquarters hidden on a volcanic island. By this time, it should be understandable. <Buy Twice> is a work that uses a Japanese style that has returned to the world stage after the Tokyo Olympics and is close to SF fantasy. However, this loose and absurd bond movie had a strange charm. Afterwards, comedy films such as <Austin Power> are constantly parodying of the bond movie Clichy (a huge fortress hidden under the ground, a bald villain boss with a scar on his face) for the first time.

12. <For Your Eyes Only> For Your Eyes Only

12 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1981 director John Glenn starring Roger Moore, Carole Bouquet, Topol

<Four Your Eyes Only> is one of the most familiar bond films for Korean movie fans. It may also be due to the theme song of the same name sung by Sina Eastern, one of the best female singers of the time, and the French actress Carol Bouquet, one of the most popular bond girls. However, <You Your Eyes Only> is not a movie that the two women benefited from. Rather, the ball is right to return to manager John Glenn. Starting with this work, John Glenn, who later directed all of Timothy Dalton’s bond films, wanted to remove the glamorous and arduous adventure cinematic elements of the early Roger Moore films. So he simply kills Specter’s chief Blofelt, who had plagued Bond in six films, through the pre-title action scenes of <For Your Eyes Only> (the action scene that appeared before the title appeared, a long tradition of the Bond movie). . John Glenn’s declaration to return to a more realistic spy. The declaration was successful. <Four Your Eyes Only> is still one of the most recognizable Roger Moore Bond films, even for somewhat flat action scenes.

11. <License to Kill> License to Kill

11 Number of James Bond Movies List is, Timothy Dalton, Carey Lowell, Robert Darby, starring John Glenn in 1989

The problem was James Bond. The world has changed. The end of the Cold War could have meant the end of James Bond. Now Bond had no enemies to fight across the border with all kinds of exotic weapons. Director John Glenn wanted to make a completely new bond. There was only one way. Making a movie that has nothing to do with Ian Fleming’s novel. In The Murder License, Bond faces a South American drug king for personal revenge only until his murder license is deprived of MI6. In addition, he endured all kinds of hardship and was not afraid to fight, like Bruce Willis of the <Die Hard> series, which opened at about the same time. . In other words, Timothy Dalton has already achieved some of the achievements of Daniel Craig in <Casino Royal> through <The Murder License>. However, The Murder License was far less successful than the Litton Weapon 2, which was released at about the same time, and Timothy Dalton never again drinks vodka martini.

10. <Octopus> Octopussy

10 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1983 director John Glenn starring Roger Moore, Mod Adams, Royce Zurdang

<October> had only one goal. In the same year, he made a higher performance than “Never Say Never Again”, which was produced by Sean Connery. For Albert Broccoli, EON Productions, and Roger Moore, I couldn’t even imagine a scenario where the extraterrestrial might be more successful than the original Bond series. So, the way the production team chose was to’make the safest entertainment movie’. Whether or not John Glenn, who made a spy film that closely approximates the spirit of Ian Fleming through <Four Your Eyes Only>, was discouraged by the producer’s request. What’s important, however, is that he excelled in one of Bond’s most overwhelming entertainment films. Against the great Indian jewels aimed at jewels and against Soviet generals seeking to conquer Europe, James Bond goes on an exotic adventure in Udaipur, India’s fascinating city, and continues with an adventure reminiscent of the blockbuster of almost Indiana Jones. The entertainment climax of the Roger Moore Bond movie.

9. <murder number> No

9 Number of James Bond Movies List is, In 1962, directed by Terrence Young, Sean Connery, Ashla Andres, and Joseph Weisman

The beginning of all history. Let’s list the characters that were mentioned as Bond at the time. Roger Moore. He is destined to become the third bond anyway. Kerry Grant. He was also from England and had a dandy taste, so it shouldn’t be bad, but he was too big a star to hang on as a spy. Richard Johnson and Patrick McGuhan. Well. Producers Harry Salzman and Kirby Broccoli, who had wandered in search of the right people, stumbled across a sturdy man from Scotland in a Disney movie he stumbled across. It was Sean Connery. And since that day, no one has surpassed Sean Connery’s James Bond. Of course, the best bond girl in the history of bond is indispensable. The scene where Asura Andres, who plays the role of a honey rider, walks to the beach in a white bikini is one of the monumental images that are constantly quoted and interpreted in the Bond series. Who is the Bond girl who reinterpreted the scene the most? Halle Berry? surely. The correct answer is Daniel Craig from <Casino Royal>. Do you remember all of Craig’s figure wearing a palm-sized swimsuit, bragging muscles, and jumping up to his shoulders?

8. <Moon Raker> Moonraker

8 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1979 director Louis Gilbert starring Roger Moore, Royce Childs and Richard Kiel

If you’re a traditional bond fan, you may be astonished and angry by now. Why should a ghost like “Moon Raker” take the 6th place? However, in its value as a pure entertainment movie, <Moon Laker> is a very interesting movie. Of course, this story is rare even in the story. Moon Laker, sent from the United States to England, is seized. Bond uncovers a plot by Dr. Drager, a moonbreaker who wants to build a new human empire with only the chosen men and women after killing all mankind with poison gas. The problem is late. Producers looking at Hollywood’s space age, which started with <Star Wars>, send Bond all the way into space to jump into a deep space war. is not it!). However, the first half of the action race unfolding in the background of exotic stages such as Rio de Janeiro and Venice has reached its peak in the entertaining excitement of Roger Moore Bond. As much fun as this is, let’s forgive the space war. Or just take the first half off and watch it.

7. The Living Daylights

7 Number of James Bond Movies List is, Timothy Dalton, Mary Dabo, starring John Glenn in 1987

In fact, Timothy Dalton has been mentioned as a prominent James Bond candidate since the late sixties. However, he refused to play Bond because he was too young. And the time has come. Timothy Dalton, a former British actor Shakespeare’s actor, finally seized the opportunity, as Roger Moore retired himself from Bond Station for the last time. Upon joining the new bond, the crew decides to return to the bond of Sean Connery, a full-fledged spy, with John Glenn, who was pursuing a realistic bond movie. <Living Daylight>, made with all the elements of a cumbersome adventure film and sharpened, is the essence of the Bond series, which declares a perfect separation from the era of Roger Moore, who was in the 70s and 80s. The problem is that Timothy Dalton’s Bond series is often misunderstood as a work worth noting even among domestic bond fans. If you have the time, look at this work and <The Murder License> again. Timothy Dalton was a nice bond, and the movies were nicely bond.

6. <Thunderball> Thunderball

6 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1965 director Terrence Young starring Sean Connery, Claudine Ogre, Adolfo Seli

One of the best popular hits in the history of Bond is the answer: <Thunderball>. When his predecessor, Gold Finger, succeeded worldwide and put the James Bond series on the track of a full-fledged box office film, the producer was ready to gamble. Gambling is trying to make the Bond series a mainstream action adventure film, not a maniac spy, by generously administering $9 million, more than three times the production cost of <Finger Gold>. As a result, <Thunderball> has shaken the world with a record record of $140 million in performance. ). As much as the amount of money administered, the action is immortal. In particular, the underwater action scenes are still very good, even after 40 years, except for the slow and slow editing. <Thunderball> is different from some late-bond films that target the audience with an overwhelming scale. Director Terrence Young, who laid the foundations for the James Bond film with <Killing License> and <Crisis One>, does not sacrifice the story for an action scene, but melts the action into a tight story. <Thunderball> was later remade as <Never Say Never Again>. Of course, the original is much better.

5. <Skyfall> Skyfall

5 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 2012 director Sam Mendes starring Daniel Craig, Judy Dench and Javier Bardem

It was God’s Hansu who hired Sam Mendes. The custom of the traditional James Bond film has already broken down to some extent since <Casino Royal>, which had already adopted Daniel Craig, but in fact, nothing really happened to be called’destruction of the bond’. If you think Daniel Craig’s bond is completely different from the previous series, it’s because of some sort of optical illusion. Rather, it would be nice to say that <Casino Royal> was close to the gesture of returning to Sean Connery’s early Bond series (an attempt to return to the former rather than Roger Moore’s days of all kinds of gadgets, bond girls and jokes). Sam Mendes still respects the tradition of the series. However, he quickly raises the series to the next level by unfolding the emotional conflict between the protagonists on the screen almost like a Greek tragedy. So the next question is. Did <Specter> really succeed in balancing this amazing circus that <Skyfall> launched and succeeded in?

4. <The Crisis> From Russia with Love

4 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1963 Director Terrence Young starring Sean Connery, Tatiana Romanova

<The Murder Number> was the beginning of James Bond, but the true beginning of the series is <Crisis One>. Compared to <The Murder Number>, which lacked the Bond movie down action, various elements (Boat Action, Helicopter Chasing Scene, Bond’s Secret Weapon) that became the customs of the Bond series later appeared in various ways. Spectro’s first person, Blofeld, who finally reveals his face through <Buy Twice>, will be shown for the first time with his hand stroking the unique white cat. However, compared to the next film <Gold Finger>, which Bond Cliché had almost completed, <Crisis One> still has a strong scent unique to spy films. That’s why Sean Connery and many other bond fans have recited <Gold Finger> or <Thunderball> and chose <Crisis One> as the best bond movie in history. In that regard, <Crisis One> may be a movie that does not need to be tied in the category of James Bond movie. This is really a classic spy movie.

3. <Majesty the Great Queen> On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

3 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1969 director Peter R. Hunt starring George Rezenby, Diana League

If you choose the one that is the most imperative of the James Bond series, it is definitely <Your Majesty>. At the time of release, fans of the series could not accept this work. It’s not just because Sean Connery’s aura was too big. This is because <My Majesty’s Great War> was a new bond movie that declared separation from the previous series. George Regenby’s bond is extremely human, unlike Sean Connery. He married a woman who fell in love after throwing a resignation to MI6 and retiring (Diana League, one of the most popular bond girls in Bond movie history). In addition, <The Queen’s Majesty’s War> shows the death of a sudden woman and the tears of Bond, and ends in a hurry. It is understandable that bond fans at the time couldn’t help but anger in front of this tragic romance. Of course, fans over 40 years later will gladly accept the Bond movie, which performed the same experiment as Her Majesty. <Casino Royal>.

2. <Casino Royal> Casino Royale

2 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 2006 director Martin Campbell starring Daniel Craig, Eva Green and Jeffrey Wright

At the time of its first release, <Casino Royal> was evaluated as a franchise that mimics the <Bon Identity> series, with little change from some critics. It was a misunderstanding. I don’t confess lately because <Casino Royal> revived the franchise with $600 million in the box office. The film not only succeeded in making the Bond series’ tradition look new without destroying it, but also tried to escape from the typical composition of modern action films. The dramatic composition of <Casino Royal>, which is based on the original work of Ian Fleming by Paul Haggis of <Crash>, is too unusual for a modern action blockbuster. The middle part of the film is fully invested in romance with actionless gambling scenes and Eva Green, reminiscent of French films from the 60s. Through him, <Casino Royal> succeeded in capturing the human inner side of the character James Bonda on the screen. Wasn’t that what the original author, Ian Fleming, wanted? As a result, Bond was newly’biggins’.

1. <Gold Finger> Goldfinger

1 Number of James Bond Movies List is, 1964 Director Guy Hamilton starring Sean Connery, owner Blackman, Gert Probe

Needless to say. Officially and informally, the best work of the James Bond series is <Gold Finger>. The main reason is that the customs of the Bond series that began to be revealed in <Crisis One> are perfectly established in <Gold Finger>. What framework is it? The realistic spy movie is a little overly plotted, and if you don’t conquer the world, you’ll want to conquer the continent. Ambitious), bond girls who throw off their clothes in front of the bond and throw them all over their body, and the character James Bondra, who never loses British humor under any circumstances. Gah Hamilton re-created the James Bond series as a prototype of modern action/adventure movies by erasing the emotions of the realistic spy of Terrence Young’s films and refining the mold of an entertaining bond movie. You may not have forgotten that Steven Spielberg made the Indiana Jones series based on the James Bond movie.

Of course, there are many works that go beyond <Gold Finger> in entertainment. In particular, <Thunderball>, which was created the following year, is a great work that provides action and spectacle that overwhelms <Gold Finger>. However, there is a feast of images already established as icons of the times in <Gold Finger>. Ashton Martin, full of enormous secret weapons, and the Korean killer Odd Job, who blows a bladed felt hat with weapons, one of the most popular bond girls in the history of the bond movie, Push Gallo, one of the most popular bond girls in the history, and above all, the whole body is murdered in gold Shirley Eaton’s deadly beauty. The original author of the bond, Ian Fleming, died of heart disease a month before <Gold Finger> was released. I don’t know if he liked <Gold Finger>. Perhaps you thought it was a bit overkill. However, <Gold Finger> presented an immortal eternal life to a gentle British agent created by Ian Fleming.


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