Table Cloth: Check what are the different shapes and styles available?


Tablecloth is a cloth used to cover a table. Not only are they eye-catching but they also protect tables from getting stained. Some table covers are created as a part of a general table setting, along with coordinating napkins, placemats, or any other decorative pieces. Special kinds of table covers entail ‘runners’ that overhang the table at two ends only, and ‘table protectors’ that provide a padded layer underneath a standard tablecloth.

Let us take a glance at some sorts of tablecloths, arranged in a few categories:



Generally, the space of your table directly affects what should be the shape of your tablecloth, but this isn’t as curbed as you think it is, you do get a tad latitude. While square tablecloths are the best to use on square-shaped tables, these covers can also be used on rounded tables.

If you are using square tablecloths on circular tables, make sure that the drape is large enough that it completely covers the table, or is small enough that it acts as more of an accent in the midpoint of the table.


Unlike square tablecloths, rectangle covers only work well with rectangular-shaped tables. If you try using them on a square-shaped table, they will either extend immensely on two ends or will have to be folded until they are appropriate in length.


Similar to the rectangle tablecloths, round covers only go well with round-shaped tables. We must use a round cover that will be long enough that it hangs down on the sides.



If we are worried about the appearance of our table while serving a large number of people, these synthetic fibres are extremely durable and are a great candidate for standing up to stains and creases. These covers are linen products that are made along with polyester fibres.


These tablecloths have a rustic finesse to them. They are the perfect choice for everyday use or even for a special occasion like an outdoor wedding, or even a barbeque. Albeit of its scratchy texture, many people like the way they look and feel. They go fairly well with any kind of décor and can also decorate the table with any tableware, flower vases, and napkins.



This style is perfect in a reorganized home that is full of neutral colours and has enough brightness. A contemporary tablecloth will fit perfectly like a missing puzzle piece in our house if our décor falls into the aforementioned category.


If you are one of the people who enjoy having a touch of modern appearance in our home, then I am sure, you are perfectly aware that the details of the fabrics, art, or even the furniture you use, matters the most. In place of using a basic cover, when you choose to buy a modern one, you have to make sure that the lines, patterns or even the colours of the design are eye-catching.

That was all about tablecloths, we hope this article served its purpose and has helped you in choosing a perfect branded tablecloth that will suit the décor of your home.


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