The Many Benefits of Dog Treats


Many people think of stress as something that affects people exclusively. Work, family, deadlines, failed plans – we can see how these things affect people just by glancing at strangers in the streets every day. When it comes to our pets, it’s a bit harder to distinguish emotions: dogs and cats usually don’t vocalize their issues to us. Luckily, the pet industry has come up with numerous solutions to improve the life of your pet.

CBD dog treats are now enhanced with all kinds of healthy and natural ingredients. These include fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, various spices, etc. The substance Cannabidiol, which is derived from hemp, help your dog to achieve harmony and balance and generally feel better throughout the day. Please check to find out more.

The Power of CO2 extraction

Even for those who aren’t particularly interested in science, it helps to be aware of CBD extraction. Namely, companies use different ways to get this substance out of hemp, and by and large, the process of using CO2 has proven to be the most healthy and effective. It’s also the most cost effective.

In short, this gas is used in a liquid state to collect all the beneficial substances from the plant by running through it, and later it evaporates. The procedure doesn’t involve solvents and leaves no toxic material behind. It’s always a good idea to look for products made with this extraction process.

Battling Anxiety with Delicacy

Whether because of separation from the owner, feelings of loneliness, or something else, dogs can often feel anxious. A popular treat intended to combat this mood killer is made of peanut butter and apple.

This is combined with chamomile and a particular amino acid called L-Theanine, usually found in black tea. These ingredients, coupled with CBD oil, or seed powder, create a perfectly soothing formula for your dog. All the elements are natural and perfectly safe.

This is a highly convenient way to introduce your pet to CBD treats, not just because they’re healthy but also very flavorful. They help the brain to generate more alpha waves, reducing your dog’s anxiety by a wide margin. Furthermore, canines who struggle with long travels, those who fear thunder and other loud noises, will also benefit from these treats. Go here for some more helpful advice.

Another delicious combination is pumpkin spice and cinnamon. Combined with turmeric root and Boswellia, these treats are an effective weapon against physical pain. Be it from muscle injuries, joint inflammation, hip dysplasia, or some other condition, these edibles work.

In some cases, dogs take a long while to recuperate after surgery. By adding these treats to their diet, they will recover their strength much faster. Cannabidiol, naturally, is there to alleviate their distress, so your pet should go painlessly through the ordeal.

The Calming Effect of Soft Chews

These are a favorite among pooches. They’re doughy, delicious, and dog-oriented. Older dogs find them incredibly convenient, especially if their gums are tender and sensitive. Flavors such as sweet potato or peanut butter get the dog’s tail wagging in an instant. They’re a great source of protein and are rich in fiber. The chemical compounds inside them are very beneficial for your dog’s health.

These treats help with issues such as hyperactivity, separation anxiety, destructive behavior, and so on. The hand-selected ingredient will calm your dog down, balance its mood and give it peace of mind. It’s a good idea to give them as a reward after successful training. This way, your dog will love them even more.

The effects usually last between four and eight hours. Of course, body weight and metabolism play a considerable role here. Make sure to increase the dosage if there is no visible effect.

Your dog may take some time to adjust to the dosage. Meanwhile, it might get drowsy or even have diarrhea or dry mouth. These side effects usually disappear once their body gets used to CBD. It’s recommendable to talk to a vet if the dog is already receiving some medication. If not, these soothing treats will pose no danger to your pet.

Careful Dosing

The most important factor when it comes to dosage is your dog’s weight. It’s something you can measure on your own, and it’s easy to match the amount of CBD with the number of pounds. Of course, quality treats always come with dosage recommendations. Starting small and increasing the amount is general advice, but consulting with the vet is always an excellent idea.

Fortunately, CBD overdose is something that has never happened. Dogs tolerate these treats very well, and their bodies adapt to them quickly. Nevertheless, too much CBD could lead to unwanted consequences, so it’s best to stick to recommendations.

One thing to look for in these treats is consistency. The product should always state the potency so that you know how powerful the treat actually is. Cannabidiol is generally very potent, hence the small dosages in the beginning. By knowing this, you can adjust the dose later much more confidently.

Since hemp is a plant, many growers will use pesticides to protect their herbs. Pesticides are harmful and can result in CBD that is subpar and highly dangerous. To avoid this, you should always look for products from hemp grown in the USA. This is because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) takes great care to ensure the quality and safety of hemp.


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