Three Skills You Need for a Medical Sales Career


Different careers require difficult skillsets, but it’s important to recognize when you have transferable skills if there comes a time where you’re looking to change careers or want to do something new.

If you’ve already worked in the sales industry, there’s a good chance that you’ll already have some skills that can be transferred over to a medical sales career. However, it’s also important to check that you have other elements of the skill set required to excel in this role.

This piece is going to take a look at some of the skills you need for a medical sales career so you can thrive in this industry. Let’s get into it.

1.    Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital in all industries, but when you’re working within the healthcare sector, there is a duty of care that needs to be upheld, and good communication is critical to making sure this can happen. Not only will you need to accurately describe your product or service, but you will need to understand the importance of it and its key points in order to convey this accurately.

Communication isn’t just about relaying information— it’s about how  you relay it and if the person receiving the information understands what exactly you’re telling them. This is especially important when people’s livelihoods could depend on whether a client fully understands and decides to move forward or not.

Those who believe they have these skills could really thrive in medical sales careers and could go on to make a real difference.

2.    Customer Service Skills

In medical sales, your clients are your customers, and as your product will have slightly more ethical weight than your regular item, it’ll be all the more imperative that you have the skills required to provide excellent customer service.

Empathy, adaptability, patience, and being able to take responsibility are all essential traits of customer service skills, but these are particularly important for those who are working in the healthcare sector. You’ll most likely be dealing with topics of a sensitive nature in a stressful and demanding industry, so having these skills could make the difference between a sale and a positive working relationship or being rejected.

3.    Collaborative Skills

While it’s safe to say that working in medical sales is usually an independent role, and that can be one of its attractions, working well with others can be an essential skill for a couple of reasons. It isn’t your traditional sales role, as you’re pitching to other clients and companies, so being able to work well with them will be crucial to your overall success. This includes sales, managing client relationships, and any further collaboration that might come up.

These three skills are essential for success in a medical sales career, and are non-negotiable if you want to thrive in this sector. In a position of power, it’s crucial that you are able to make smart choices and help advocate for better healthcare.


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