Tim Ferguson: fake news you can trust


Tim Ferguson: fake news you can trust


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle accused British newspapers of invasion, inaccuracy, and sometimes racial reports. These papers objected to the ridiculous use of the word “sometimes”.

Harry stepped back from his private jet.

To misuse family photos, the couple is demanding royalties. But in March they seemed willing to remove.

“Will everyone just leave us alone?” Tweets, Instagram, Facebooked, TikToked, Snapchattered, Pinterest and Reddited couples.

Charin and Karen

An angry woman went into Bunnings, walking backwards, wearing a mask in front. When I ran into the staff, she fell into her own words.

Another full-scale free blaster jumped into the service desk and ordered an unmasked tape.

Meanwhile, 100,000 women, Karen, marched in active clothes to declare that not all Karens are the same.

Reality is fraud

The Victorian government is running a new advertising campaign under the stress of “COVID-19 is real”.

The next campaign, arguably, argues that “oxygen is real.”

One anti-mask protester thinks it’s best to put an air comma around words like “evidence”, “fatal” and “common sense”. Their air quotes were weakened by the presence of air.

One anti-oxygen protester “wears a T-shirt”Stop me before you breathe again!”Vigilantes with multiple masks provided help.

Meanwhile, a person without a mask claimed that Uluru was a “fraud”. “A rock that doesn’t roll? plot!”

Cancel culture curling

Cultural Attaché announced that all war movies were racist among whites.

“Killing the Nile is a racist.”

“This is a young Nazi Private Ryan Save LGBTQIA and other characters we haven’t thought of yet are probably the Greek alphabet.”

He criticized Mel Brooks’ Nazism parody in the song. Spring Day for Hitler. “that is no Laughter problems. Hitler loved all four seasons. He was a vulnerable minority because he was vegan.”

Culturally canceled films are already in production.

New All-Inclusive Native American Classic – All Mohican.

Appropriately suitable – Shameful red line on the body.

Roy Roger’s words are now known as “Triggered”.

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Tim Ferguson is a well-known comedian, writer, and TV host and a member of Doug Anthony Allstars. You can follow him on Twitter. Aritaum

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