4 Expert Tips When Searching For New Office Space


In the hustles and bustles of running a company, the office space often seems like a backdrop. Contrary, it is a space where you and your team spend most of their lifetime; therefore, the work environment you provide them is a critical factor that is directly related to employee productivity and satisfaction.

While selecting the right office is a challenging and lengthy process, but it’s worth all the bother.

By following the below four simple rules, you’ll narrow down on a business space that meets your business needs and portrays a robust image in the minds of your customers.

So, let’s find out:-

Rule 1: Location, Location & Location

Ideally, you want to move in a space that complements your business and industry. To better understand, let’s take an example: a corporate company would be best placed in the heart of the central business district. A manufacturing company would be best suited to operate in an industrial area.

You must take time to know what sort of businesses operate in the proximity. Nesting in the right business environment will not only enhance your brand image but also help you build a network and seek new opportunities. Find out the many locations that Execu-Suites operate in so you can choose the best location for your private office

The office space must be convenient for your staff and clients to reach. Good transport links are imperative when deciding on the location of your new office space. You must talk to your existing team and take their input on how they’ll commute.

Finally, ensure the new space is safe. It is an easy decision to go with a space that offers a safer environment for your female employees to work with confidence.

Rule 2: Think Facilities

Does the new office space include all the facilities required by your company? It starts outside with an adequate parking solution, which is vital to your employees who drive to office, suppliers and clients too.

Inside, you’ve to determine what space is required apart from the main workspace. If you maintain a stock of goods or office supplies, you need plenty of storage space. If you frequently have meetings face-to-face with your clients, then you must invest in an office space that offers a conference room, waiting, and entertainment areas. However, if you don’t need all these things, you can save money by opting for a compact workspace.

When considering staff facilities, you must speak to some of your senior employees.

You should make sure that your employees have large bathrooms, fresh and clean bathroom partitions, a communal eating area, and a kitchen with a dining area so that they can enjoy fresh food while staying bonded with their colleagues and feeling at home.

In simple words, space, where your employees can break away from their working desks, is worth an asset in the office.

Rule 3: Size Matters

Congested office space affects productivity and is bad for the moral of the team. Ideally, there must be a gap of 2.5 square meters between two employees in the workspace. It can increase based on the nature of the business.

For instance, your cold calling team needs a quiet environment to make their calls all day long, whereas a graphic designer requires enough desk space for multiple sheets & screens.

The size you choose must be in line with your business growth in the coming five years. Otherwise, you’ll again have to look for a new office soon.

Rule 4: Consider the Costs

Before you take the final call, you must take into consideration the costs associated with shifting your office; it starts with the current rental fee to the actual cost of the relocation. If you are moving into a new office space, then you’ll have to invest in renovation works.

Sharing bathroom or kitchen facilities with other companies in the building can be an excellent way to minimise overheads such as electricity and water. Still, you’ll have to pay off monthly maintenance costs to the building management.

You must be money savvy, but without compromising on the comfort of your staff. The office is like the heart of your company, the more you invest in, the more you get in the long-run.


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