Treat For Your Father To Make This Father’s Day Memorable


A Sweet Treat For Your Father To Make This Father’s Day Memorable for Him

Father’s Day is another occasion, where you get to treat your father with respect and love. Though being respectful towards our parents is our duty and to do so, we do not need a single day but appreciating them is something we all should do. The hard work, our fathers, has put in our upbringing surely deserves a pat.

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is celebrated to cheer up our fathers, who have always been there through our ups and downs. They preach us to fight back in every situation and not to give up on anything, soon. Come, let us embrace such a soul with some sweet treats for him on Father’s Day-

    1. Smoothie Bowl- You want your father to stay fit and to begin with, serve him with a smoothie bowl decked up with freshly chopped fruits and healthy seeds. Help your father replace the morning breakfast of parathas with a freshly made smoothie bowl. Smoothies are rich in taste, vibrant in colour, and are a filling breakfast.
    2. Waffles or Pancakes- Though waffles and pancakes are quite an English-breakfast scene, both these dishes are low in sugar and are much healthier than those gulab jamuns. So, make some waffles or pancakes for your dad (replace white sugar with brown sugar or jaggery and refined flour with regular flour). Serve the waffles or pancakes (whichever you made) with a sauce made of chopped strawberries, blueberries, etc. Yummy!!
    3. Fresh Fruit Cake- All of us know that sugar, when consumed in the natural form, is healthier than refined sugar. So, what can be better than a naturally sweet fruit-loaded cake? Go online and order a Father’s Day special cake, and you will find some great options. And if you believe in your baking skills, then go ahead and wear your baker’s hat and bake a fruit cake for your father.
    4. Doughnuts- Fathers are someone who does not experiment with their sweet dishes. Simply because the comfort a bowl of gajar ka halwa brings them is unmatchable. But introducing him with a doughnut, covered with some chocolate syrup and sprinkled with colourful sprinkles might change his favourites list. We bet he will enjoy this soft and chocolatey delight.
    5. Cupcakes- Bake some cupcakes for your father and surprise him with these freshly-baked cupcakes, after dinner. Cupcakes are mini cakes with frosting only at the top. You can bake these cupcakes in your father’s favourite flavour and frost them with chocolate chips, icing sugar, edible flowers, colourful gems, etc.

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For most of the Indian fathers, they might not be familiar with the taste and the idea of these desserts. So, as they say, “the first impression is the last impression”, make sure to bless him with a fantastic one, this father’s day. Bake them wisely and serve them with your love and you have already mastered it! And at any point, if you feel like you might fail, then order online and save-the-day. Happy Father’s Day!



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