6 Ways to Improve Your Mood Right Now!


It’s Easy To Improve Your Mood

“I’ve stopped letting somebody else’s mood adjust my day. No matter how much I care for this person, I will create a distance that’s well deserved. My days belong to me.”

Ron Baratono

We may not want to believe that our mood is our own, that it is something we have control over, or that we have the power to change it when we want to, but it is and we do. Ron Baratono hit the nail on the head with his quote.

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Not only that, but when we are in anything but a good mood, it doesn’t take much to realign our state of mind to get us there-in a good mood. It just requires the mental fortitude to stop what you are doing and give your body a few minutes to adjust to a new rhythm. The mind will catch on and the mood will improve.

Read in the next few examples and see if you don’t agree.

6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Mood Right Now

Tip 1: Meditate

Meditation is all about stopping what you are doing and observing whatever is on your mind without any judgments until you can let go and just focus on your breathing. By being aware and observing your thoughts you will come to understand yourself better.

Many people elect to do their meditation with soft consoling music that guides them through their breathing exercises. Meditation doesn’t have to be long. It can be as short as five minutes. Just breathe in slowly through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth with your lips pursed. Try to take twice as long to exhale as you did when you inhaled.

Think R-E-L-A-X as you do this. Allow your shoulders to rise and fall with your breaths and your stomach to fill and empty. Enjoy your meditation time.

Tip 2: Exercise

Do 15 minutes of exercise to get your blood pumping and your muscles moving. The very action of exercise is invigorating and motivating for the mind.  Dopamine and serotonin are released when you exercise. They are all a recipe for a better mood.

Here are some exercises you can do without going to a gym:

  • Take a brisk walk
  • Walk your dog
  • Go for a jog at a park or track
  • Clean the house (yes- it burns calories!)

Tip 3:Do Some Chores

Doing chores, like exercising, releases natural endorphins. The main difference is you get to cross something off your “Need to do” list.

If your chores are all done, consider getting into your closet and cleaning it out. You can hire Madison laundry pickup and delivery services if they need cleaning and you don’t want to do it yourself.

Additionally, you can give those clothes away that you haven’t worn in a year to families that need them. If you need to, you can rent a dumpster for any of your cleaning and chores.

Tip 4: Eat A Balanced Diet

Fix yourself a well-balanced snack to get your sugars and proteins in line. Try some cheese and crackers with sliced apples, or lunch meat wrapped around a piece of cheese with some peanut butter and apples.

If eating healthy isn’t something you do on a regular basis, look for some good foods and suggestions online.  Additionally, you can hire a nutritionist and begin planning meals.

Here are some foods you should be wary of:

  • Eliminate processed food whenever possible
  • Cut down on carbs
  • Eat foods that are low in sugar
  • No artificial sweetners and additives

Tip 5: Talk About Your Feelings

Talking with someone you can trust to value your feelings is never a bad idea. If you don’t feel there is anyone in your circle right now that fits that bill, then reach out to a counselor at school, a clinic, or in a medical office. Interview the counselors to make sure you find one that you can connect with before telling yourself you have to do this long term. It could be that only one or two sessions are needed or it could be that you decide having an ally to talk with isn’t such a bad thing, and you might decide to go longer.

Tip 6: Use Alternative Medicine

There are several ways to go under alternative medicine. Let’s talk about a few here.


Smell is one of our strongest senses. The olfactory bulbs in our noses are directly linked to our limbic system and the part of the brain that process emotion and learning. Not only will stimulating them help improve our mood, but it will also improve our performance. Six highly recommended essential oils for improving our moods include: lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, peppermint, and cinnamon.

Aura Readings

The aura(s) that surround you (your energy fields) represent about two weeks’ worth of energy. Although only certain people can see your auras, everybody can sense them. That’s why we feel so good when we are around some people who give off certain vibes and not so great around others. An aura reader is able to discern how that energy will relate to your future.

Psychic Readings

There are several types of psychic readings. NYC psychic readings with Midtown Manhattan psychic are very popular to people living near NYC.

Just to mention a few of the most popular, there are Astrology, Distant Reading, and Tarot Reading.


Astrology is the study of the stars, planets, sun, and moon, and their alignment with one another, and how that alignment affects your personality, mood, relationships with others, work, love, and life.

Distant Reading

This type of reading is done without the psychic ever meeting the client. Distant reading sessions are completed over a premium rate telephone line. The psychic is able to discern information through natural extensions of their human senses of sight (clairvoyance), sound (clairaudience), and instinct (claircognisance).

Tarot Reading

Tarot readings do not require any psychic abilities, but they are often used by psychics as a cold reading tool in their sessions.


There are several ways to take a less than favorable mood and turn it into a favorable mood, as we’ve seen in the examples above. All it requires is putting your mind in gear and putting one foot in front of the other one. The other foot will follow. We only get one shot at this thing called life; why not be as happy as we can be?


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