8 Ways to Look Cozy-Chic


When it gets chilly, it’s important to stay warm and comfortable. If you are an active and busy fashion gal and want to look chic all year long, you don’t have to sacrifice your style when it’s cold outside.

There is a way to work comfortable clothing into your everyday ensemble without compromising your personal style. Cozy-chic look is omnipresent these days, so why not pair your oversized top with a pencil skirt for an effortlessly stylish look?

Here are eight tried-out and true ways to look cozy-chic without putting in too much effort.

1) Change Things Up With an Elegant Cape

If you are tired of wearing a bulky winter coat, why not trade it for a sleek cape? It is a must-have chic and cozy cover-up that will give your style a unique twist while keeping you warm with a lot less fabric.

Adding this garment to your outfit will help you look ladylike and elegant. It is also effortlessly comfortable.

And what’s great about capes is that you can wear them with almost anything: skinnies, dresses, middies, ankle-boots, etc.

2) Pair Warm and Wooly Items With Soft & Flowy Ones

This may not sound like a good combo, but it’s a great way to achieve a chic, feminine, and winter-proof look. Wool sweaters and heavy coats are a perfect match for silk and chiffon dresses and skirts.

Look for lightweight dresses and skirts, and make sure their colors are seasonless. Their flowy silhouette will prevent the bulkier pieces from overwhelming your ensemble.

And as a plus, you get to show off your legs!

3) Wear Sleek Accessories With Skinny Jeans

Put on skinny jeans, a warm winter coat, a few sharp accessories, and you are good to go! The slim leg and sleek accessories will keep this look fashionable and cozy. Wrap a cashmere scarf around your neck to add warmth and elegance to your outfit.

Stylish gems are another great way to spice up your winter outfit.

Online gemstone jewelry store allow you to find a perfect shimmering statement ring or delicate earrings that will add a bit of magic and spark to your look in the comfort of your home.

4) Utilize Leggings to Slim Your Silhouette

Take your favorite stretchy pants to the next level by throwing on a wrap sweater and adding a waist-defining belt to it. This way, you’ll make your comfy leggings work-appropriate and sophisticated.

They create a slender bottom half, while the belt will balance out the sweater’s bulk.

Add a pair of platforms or black heels to visually elongate your legs, and you’ve achieved a comfy and chic winter look!

5) Mix Your Favorite Jeans With a Long Layer

Winter is the perfect time to put on perfect fitting jeans and mix it up with a long layer like a cardigan. A long jacket, duster, or trench coat will also help you look stylish no matter what you wear beneath.

You may opt for work-appropriate pants with loafers, or jeans and sneakers and you’ll look fashionable nevertheless while staying comfortable at the same time!

6) Work Pajama Pants Into Your Everyday Outfit!

The trick is to opt for a silky and luxurious pair of pajama pants to elevate your look. There are plenty of these garments that look cute enough to work into your outfit. Add a simple t-shirt, a blazer, or a jacket, and you’ll achieve a stylish look without having to sacrifice your comfort.

7) Layer Thinner Sweaters and Cardigans

Instead of choosing just one sweater, you can wear multiple wooly items to accomplish an effortless, cozy-chic street look. Make sure to avoid chunky knits, as they will make you look frumpy.

Go with thinner sweaters and cardigans, as you can layer them without adding bulk.

Sticking to knits within a similar color palette will help you look more put-together and prevent your picks from looking too random.

8) Polish Your Look With a Fedora Hat

Sick of wearing a chunky beanie? Be a style-setter and opt for a sleek fedora hat this winter! Wool or fur felt fedora is a stylish choice when the temperatures are freezing. And forest green, brown, or burgundy are the perfect hues for the winter months.


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