What Does a Generator Do and Should My Home Have One?

Mobile Gasoline Generator on the Building Site

Did you know that the average American suffered 6 hours of power outages in the year 2018 alone?

This may have been in one 6-hour outage or in many shorter power cuts. But, in almost every case, they will have been unwelcome and likely unexpected.

If you are running a business, you likely know the cost of a power outage on your business, computer network, and communications system.

Have you considered investing in a generator? What does a generator do? Why should you get one?

Why not read on to find out the answers to these important questions.

What Does a Generator Do?

Contrary to popular belief, generators do not actually generate any electricity. They simply convert one type of electricity to another. Some will use petrol or another fuel to create motion and then convert the result into electrical energy.

Another type of generator is the solar generator which uses the power of the sun to create energy. In either case, the generator will have electricity available to you when you need it during power outages.

Now that we know what a generator does, why do you need one for your house or business?

You Have an Electric Car

Having a home generator is invaluable if you use an electric car. In the next few years, these types of vehicles will become more and more popular. However, if you have an extended power outage, then you could struggle to get to your destination.

In an emergency that requires you to go to a hospital or to buy provisions, this could be a major problem

Avoid this by having an independent source of power, such as a solar-powered generator available to charge your electric car.

You Use Well Water

Picking the right generator is more than just understanding how much electricity you use each day and picking an adequately powered device. It also involves understanding your location.

In cities, water is pressurized. This means that it will come through your taps whether there is power or not. In the countryside, this is not the case. In an extended power cut, you could find yourself without running water.

Avoid this by having a generator to hand that can keep your sinks, toilets, and shower pumping water at all times.

You Run a Home Business

One of the greatest benefits of a generator is the ability to continue working and meeting customer needs, despite a loss of your main source of electricity.

If you lose power to your home business for even one day, you may miss out on vital transactions, communications, updates to your social media sites, and much more.

By using a generator to maintain power you can keep a small business running as if nothing ever happened.

What Does a Generator Do? and Many Other Questions Answered

If an expert or a family friend has advised you to get a generator, you might have been wondering “what does a generator do?”. Now you know the answer and some important guideline principles that will help you to come to a decision.

If you are interested in learning more about this and similar subjects, we recommend that you head over to our blog page. We publish articles there each week that we know you will enjoy.


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