When Should You Consider Professional Senior Care?


For a lot of families, ideally, they would prefer to take care of their elderly relatives themselves. In some circumstances, this is possible, and won’t put too much strain on the rest of the family unit. However, over time this kind of arrangement might no longer be possible, or families simply can’t accommodate the needs of their senior relative/do not have room in their home to do this. This is why professional senior care services are so important and can offer quality support and care for families and individuals in need of assistance – but when should you consider professional senior care? Here are some things that could be an indicator that your elderly relative might need these services.

Can They Live Independently?

Firstly, are they still able to live independently? Do they struggle to cook for themselves, carry out household chores and basic hygiene and grooming routines? If they do struggle to do basic things themselves, it could be time to consider looking at a residential care facility to make sure they are being looked after properly. You should look into an assisted care home that can provide this kind of service.

Are They Lonely?

If your elderly relative is still able to live independently, that doesn’t mean they still can’t benefit from moving to a senior residential community. For individuals who are still able to care from themselves, there are independent living facilities available that can provide a more socially active lifestyle and secure living. If you and other members of our family live far away or can’t manage to visit with your elderly relative regularly, this could be a good option for them, especially if they currently live alone and feel isolated.

Can You Care for Them?

As mentioned above, sometimes you can become a carer for your elderly relative, but if you can’t dedicate the time to them or find yourself struggling to keep up with their needs, this won’t work as a long-term solution. If you don’t want to move them to a residential care facility, you can hire nurses or other healthcare specialists to visit your relative at home and give them the correct care they need.

Do They Require Specialist Care?

You might find that your relative has specific healthcare needs, and sometimes that will mean they need to be moved into a residential care home that caters to those specific issues. For example, skilled nursing homes can provide daily healthcare to residents, as well as offering the same basic assistance in assisted living homes. Memory care facilities are also available for those suffering from conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Is Their Home Safe?

Another problem that might occur for your elderly relative is the safety of their home. Is there a lack of security or is the property located in an undesirable neighbourhood? If you’re concerned over the safety of your relative in their home, this could be another good reason to explore the option of a retirement community, where they can live comfortably and safely.

It can be hard to face up to the reality of needing professional care, but if your elderly relative is facing any of the above situations, it could be the best thing for them.


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