9 Reasons Why I Love Istanbul


Istanbul is among the top 10 tourist destinations and the most visited city in the world. It is a colorful and happening place with too much to discover! When you step on the land of Istanbul, you have entered the most amazing city with so many attractions and charms. It is a unique place with a meeting point for Asia and Europe and the amalgamation of ancient and modern culture. You just can’t get enough of it.

Last November I got the chance to visit Turkey. I stayed in Istanbul and I am in love with this place since then. There is too much to write about this place. In short, it is an amazing city. 9 reasons why I love about Istanbul the most are below:

1) Hospitality:

People of Turkey are very sweet and hospitable. For all the days I stayed and the places I visited, I found the Turkish people amazing. They are very welcoming towards their guests and don’t treat you like an expatriate. You will feel secure and at home in the premises of this city. You may feel the language barrier but many of the Turks can speak English well. Those who can’t will never look down at you for not speaking their language.

I stayed in ORKA Royal Hotel and had the experience to remember!

2) The Blue Mosque:

Whenever you hear the name of Istanbul, Blue Mosque is among the first thing that instantly comes in your mind. It is a masterpiece of art and an architect. It has a spectacular interior with blue glass, tiles and unique patterns that show the craftsman of the makers. It is undoubtedly a remarkable architectural wonder!

3) The restaurants and food:

Turkish food is simply WAOW! It is finger licking good! The meat so juicy and tender, the aroma so good, the spices mild yet tasteful and what’s not. Turkish food is the most delicious and healthy food I have ever tasted in my life. Doner kebabs, Lamachun, Iskender kebap, shish kebab, Corba is a must try!

Turkey is the hub of desserts, Turkish delights, Tulumba, Bukhlava, Busbusa, Kunafa, Pestil, Sekerpare, etc. are not to be missed at all.  You just can’t get enough. It’s a heavenly place for the chocolate lover’s too as Turkish chocolates are scrumptious. It’s cheap in rates yet too good in quality and taste. It simply dissolves in your mouth like silk!

4) The rich culture:

The culture of Turkey is very rich. It’s an array of Asian and western culture and the best part is, nobody bothers which one you follow.  Mostly the people are Muslims, speaks Turkish language and dress up in both eastern and western clothes.   The interior of the buildings, the food, the religion, beliefs, etc. depicts the values, history and the heritage of Turkey. They have preserved their culture yet are updated themselves as per all the aspects of life.

5) Shopping:

Shopping in Istanbul is unbelievable! When you step into the shopping malls or the shopping streets, you won’t be able to decide what to buy and what’s not. It has the world’s largest shopping malls with so much entertainment like food courts, national and international brands, aquariums, rides, cinemas, etc.

Grand Bazar, Istiklal Street, Istanbul Cevahir, Aqua Florya, Mall of Istanbul, etc. should definitely be visited for the shopping. The best part is, local Turkish brands are cheap and adorable yet high in quality. The designs are classy and updated that you can’t stop yourself filling your shopping carts endlessly.

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6) Sea life:

The sea life of Istanbul is worth seeing. Bosporus living in the heart of Istanbul gives a spectacular view and make Istanbul a unique city. The region of Asia and Europe is separated by the Bosporus Sea. It connects the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. Don’t miss the tour of cruise and the night cruise party with Turkish music, belly dancing, and Nargile.

Feel the breeze of the sea and enjoy the yummiest seafood. Also! Don’t forget to sip the Turkish tea, you will love it for sure.

7) Architecture of Istanbul

You can’t believe your eyes when you visit the core of Turkish civilization, Istanbul. It has the masterpieces of architecture like Hagia Sophia, Byzantine Christendom, Sinan, Suleymaniye Mosque, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and much more. The interior of the old buildings is ‘too beautiful to be really’ type. You can’t explore the entire city in a few days or months, you need to come back again and again to discover the whole of Istanbul.

8) Turkish Hamam:

A very strange but a must try thing in Turkey is the Turkish Hamam. It is present everywhere in the streets and an experience to remember! They put you in the warm water tub and rub your back vigorously. This massage soothes out your body and helps you relax mentally and physically. After the bath, you will be stress-free and your fatigue will fade away.

9) Shisha clubs:

For all the shisha lovers (Nargile in Turkey), you will love Istanbul for its shisha cafes and the amazing flavors! Istanbul is full of Nargile and it is easily accessible at very cheap rates. Enter the cafe and you will be lost in the smoke and the fragrance of amazing shisha flavors. Don’t forget to sip in the Soda along with Nargile to intensify the flavor.

If you are planning your trip to anywhere out of your country, Istanbul, Turkey is a highly recommended place to visit. This city will offer you so much to see and explore that your soul will love this place and you would want to come back again to spend stress-free days.


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