Why not so friendly: why the Ellen DeGeneres show is under investigation

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Why not so friendly: why the Ellen DeGeneres show is under investigation

The catchphrase, which Ellen DeGeneres is well known for, says “be friendly to each other”, but according to a recent report, the environment of the talk show is enormous with racism and harassment.

Authors claim to prefer white employees, and DeGeneres claims to force employees to go home and take a shower.

Ellen di Generes Shaw Reportedly, WarnerMedia is being investigated internally by several accusations of harassment and racial discrimination against the host and her senior team.

Crew and staff were last week’s producer and distributor of the show, Warner Bros. I got a note from Television’s Telepictures.

Current and former team members interview with DeGeneres and her boss to see if the claim makes sense for them.

The Warner Media Survey follows employees’ anger at poor conditions early in the pandemic and lack of management communication.

Fuel was added to the fire in the form of an onslaught of negative opinions about the fire. Ellen Employees visited social media to report complaints at the age of 62

But how did one of the most beloved characters on television get the name “one of the most ordinary people living”?

“It’s kind”, but only the camera

Nikki tutorial
Nikkie De Jager has a reputation on YouTube. Photo: Getty

Known for the popular YouTube makeup artist NikkieTutorials, Nikkie de Jager is one of the first to find DeGeneres in February.

“Perhaps naive, but I expected to welcome me with colored paper.’ Ellen di Generes Shaw‘!’ she said in a Dutch publication & C Magazine, Translated by Pop Crab.

“But instead I was greeted by a slightly overworked angry intern. I was expecting a Disney show Teletubby After dark.”

Comedian Kevin T. Porter asked Twitter to share his experience with DeGeneres.

Thread has cast a comedian from former interns and crew and people working at nearby Warner Bros. sites in bad light with nearly 3000 responses.

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According to Buzz feed, The poison culture extended to some writers and senior executives and producers on the show, and an employee shared two experiences of micro-aggression and racism towards her.

A former employee said the show’s writer joked that the writer and senior staff only remember the names of white employees.

Another senior producer told the same employee and a fellow black colleague, “Oh, they both have box laces. I hope not to be confused. ”

After all, it is not generous…

DeGeneres lost favor to the audience with a time-consuming joke about her living conditions during the epidemic.

Fans accused the comedian of being insensitive and untouched about comparing the isolation of a comedian in a mega mansion of $279 million to being in prison.

DeGeneres said about his show, “One of the things I learned in quarantine is that people are like being in prison.

“Everybody here is gay because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days.”

Also, more than 30 employees that make up the core stage crew EllenIn the recent completion of the 17th season, as the performances were suspended earlier this year, we did not receive any form of written communication describing the future of the exhibition’s epidemic process or its current location.

Two employees said Kinds Upper classes and executives often avoided the phone and refused to disclose information about the employee’s time, wages and employment status when further investigated.

After a month of silence, the crew was finally advised to expect a cut in wages of up to 60%.

DeGeneres, who added salt to the wound, continued to use the tape remotely during isolation from her home in California, but supported her by outsourcing a non-union technology company.

DeGeneres hasn’t solved the controversy yet Ellen Executive producers Ed Galvin, Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner made a joint statement and were entirely responsible for the show’s poor corporate culture.

“We’ve been working on creating an open, safe and comprehensive work environment, employing 3000 episodes and more than 1000 employees for almost 20 years.” Buzz feed.

“We were very sorry to learn that even one member of the family had a negative experience.

“We are nobody, we are not the ones we are trying to be, and it is not the mission Ellen has set for us.

“The daily responsibilities on record Ellen The show is completely for us.

“We take all of this very seriously, and as many people around the world learn, we know that we should do better, strive to do better, and do better.”

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