Why Vaping Has Received Negative Publicity

Why Vaping has Been Receiving Negative Publicity

Reasons Why Vaping Has Received Negative Publicity

While vaping is far safer and healthier than smoking and was intended to curb some of the issues associated with smoking, it has suffered a significant backlash. Some people consider vaping to be as harmful as smoking or even worse. Instead of smokers who switch to vaping getting support and encouragement from the society, most have been ridiculed, frowned upon, and judged harshly.

So, why has vaping received unfair negative publicity? Let’s unpack some of the reasons.

Biased Studies and Campaigns

There have been several published studies that have been intended to paint vaping in a bad light. These studies have used outdated data or skewed sampling and testing to come up with data that show vaping as more harmful than smoking. This is despite there being studies that show that vaping produces fewer toxins than smoking. These studies that promote a negative image of vaping have received more publicity, making the public buy into them. Some of those biased studies have been sponsored by those competing with vaping or people with other ulterior motives.

Misinformed and Poorly Educated Masses

Vaping has been around for almost two decades now. Surprisingly, there is still a large portion of society that does not know the difference between vaping and smoking. They cannot tell vapor and smoke apart and have no idea how vaporizers work. These people also do not know that vaping is less harmful than smoking and hold it in high contempt too. Due to the lack of proper information and misrepresentation of data from sources with intentions to fight vaping, the use of e-cigs has received negative publicity.

Still, as we unravel why vaping has a bad rap, you need to be aware that you should use quality vaping supplies from reputable vendors to avoid health problems and issues that will further worsen the image of vaping. You can get your e-liquid as well as other vaping stuff from one of the leading manufacturers across the globe.

Taxes and Legislations

One of the most significant contributors to the negative impression that some people have of vaping is the government. Taxes from smoking products have, for many years, been a big part of the collections going into the exchequer. But with the heavy taxes on tobacco cigarettes, the prices of these products have gone up, making smokers seek alternatives, and the biggest has been switching to vaping. With the reduction of “sin” taxes from smoking, the governments have had to devise ways of raising other taxes. This has made them turn to heavily taxing vaping products. To achieve that, they have enacted laws that treat vaping as smoking to tax it like smoking. And the effect of the regulations and taxes have been a negative image of vaping.

Poor Vaping Etiquette

Some vapers are insensitive to non-vapers to the point of them blowing clouds of vapor into their faces, or even worse, vaping in places where vaping and smoking are prohibited. As it is, vaping and smoking are identical in most ways and a vaper should refrain from vaping where smoking is banned. They need to extend the necessary courtesy to non-vapers in their vicinity. Due to those ill-mannered vapers, vaping has received a bad rap.

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The above reasons and others have made vaping get a ton of negative publicity. To change the public’s perception of vaping, they need to be told how vaping is healthier than smoking. They should also hear that it can help smokers quit smoking and the other positive things about vaping.


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