4 Clear Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Remodel


When it comes to home improvement projects, it can be easy to put things off. It might be that you simply don’t have the budget to invest in upgrades at this time, or it could be that you don’t want to cope with the temporary upheaval that these kinds of projects can cause. However, there are times when you can’t ignore the signs that your home needs a makeover, especially if it could be affecting your overall health and well-being. Your kitchen, for example, is a place where a lot of bacteria can thrive due to the food products frequently used there and the warmer temperatures when cooking. The use of Kitchen & Dining Trolleys can help you achieve Hygiene. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the following signs that your kitchen needs a remodel because sometimes even cleaning regularly isn’t enough.

1.    Cracked Tiles

­Not only are cracked tiles unsightly, but they can be a health hazard in the kitchen, too. Liquids, crumbs, and other bits of debris can get stuck in these spaces, and they aren’t always easy to clean thoroughly. This can lead to all kinds of nasty things developing in the cracks, which can be unhygienic. Furthermore, a cracked tile can also result in cuts and scrapes when cleaning. You can replace the tiles around your kitchen, your splashback around the stove, or on the floor if these are where you have the problem, rather than a full remodel if this is more manageable for your budget.

2.    Stained Walls

Over time you might start to notice stains on your kitchen walls and ceiling. This might be thanks to sauces boiling over and splashing on the wall, or even grease developing due to cooking. If it’s the latter, make sure that you’re using the extractor fan and keeping your kitchen ventilated when cooking to let out steam. However, this won’t completely stop grease from forming on your walls, and if you can’t get stubborn stains out, it could be the perfect opportunity to revamp your kitchen.

3.    Warped Worktops

If your kitchen worktops are made of wood, they might have become warped over the years. This can look odd but can also result in cracks in the wood which pose the same danger as cracked tiles. The same is true if you have granite worktops that are damaged. It’s always worth having these replaced if they have seen better days to make your cooking experience better and safer, as well as improving the general appearance of your kitchen. You can see a range of gorgeous kitchen worktops at this site for kitchen manufacturers Bolton.

4.    Damaged Floors

Problems with flooring can easily lead to injury if you’re not careful, and you certainly don’t want to trip over a loose floor tile or floorboard when you’re carrying heavy pots and pans, especially if they are filled with boiling liquids! Of course, again, you can simply have the floors redone in your kitchen if this is the main issue, but if you want to upgrade your kitchen completely, you might as well do this altogether.

If you have noticed any of these issues in your kitchen, it is the perfect excuse to get a new one fitted. However, don’t wait too long, as if these problems get worse, it can make for an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe cooking environment for you.


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