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Videos are the main source of entertainment on the internet. Still, you must also know that many users surf them for educational purposes. You can find all sorts of video content on the web. This is one reason people are interested in video content and video surfing websites rather than textual content.

This post will talk about some modern tools that can help you save content from the internet. There are plenty of reasons considering why you might have to save videos, but we would not get into their details today.

Today we will tell you about the best video downloader tools using which you can save videos from any website you want without worrying about the copyrights!

Video Downloader by SmallSeoTools

This online video downloader tool can help you save videos from all sorts of websites. It has integrations with all major websites, which makes the saving quite easier. The working procedure is quite simple and elegant. Every visitor can know how to save videos by just looking at them. In this free video downloader tool by Small Seo Tools, you have to enter the URL of the video after copying it from its source. After inserting the URL, you have to click on the ‘download video’ button, and the tool would save the content in your desired format. The video downloader is free, plus you must know that there are no limits to its utilization.

Internet download manager!

This is another online service that can help you save content in any format you want and from any location. You must know that this download manager is specifically designed to help users save video clips from their published sources. It is among the most popular downloader tools for saving videos, especially from YouTube. If you want to save clips in small chunks, then you need to try this tool. It initially comes with a free version with some limitations. After the expiry of the limit, you have to get a paid package. Some features of IDM are:

  • One-click download access!
  • Fast downloading capabilities!
  • Recovery of saved content!
  • Schedule of download reports.
  • It is available and can be used on all sorts of browsers.

4K video downloader

This video downloader tool also has integrations with millions of websites and pages. You can save content from any platform you want to be based on their URL and the keywords relevant to the video. This tool’s common features include extracting audio from the video clips, saving content in the highest resolution, smart downloading, cross-platform saving, batch saving of videos, and compatibility to all sorts of devices and operating systems. If you want to save content in the highest quality, we suggest you try out this downloader. The 4k downloader tool also has the conversion feature. You can easily convert the video’s format/resolution!

Eagle Get

This download manager is specially designed for saving content from the web. This tool is designed by a Chinese team and does not come with a paid version. This tool’s services are free and easy to use, so we suggest you give it a try. This tool’s key features include faster-downloading capability, requirement of less speed internet, notification updates, and option to schedule downloads in the future. This is one of the best lightweight video downloader tools, so if you are less on storage, you can easily get it for your device!


This video downloader tool is developed in java. You must know that it can help you download clips with just a single click from multiple websites. You must know that this is an open-source platform, which is a big pro about it. This video downloader program is compatible with all major websites and pages, making it easier to hunt and save content from your desired sources. This tool is best for people who want to save videos in large bulk. Some of the key options in this tool are batch downloading, multi-language support, OCR support, and priority downloading!

Clip Grab

This is another online video grabber tool that can easily save your favorite content from the internet. It has integrations with hundreds of websites, which makes the saving process simple. You need the URL of the video to download it from its source. This tool comes with tons of different options, which adds to the comfort of the user. Some of them are:

  • Automatic downloads!
  • In-built video browsing with keywords.
  • Video conversion.
  • Customizing the video and extracting audio content from a video file!
  • Integrated proxies that help it to save content from even locked and restricted websites!

Using either of these tools, you can easily download videos from any website on the internet. Here we would suggest using the saved content for personal and not public use as it can cause you some legal trouble.

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