Curious New Houses Plot Course For Rural-Bound Youth

2021 has seen a swing in popularity as it concerns urban and rural areas. World Economic Forum statistics indicate that nearly half of all US adults now say they would like to live in less populated areas, a big change from historic ideals of living in urban centers. The availability and quality of rural country has been there for a long time – so what’s changed to encourage young people to move out to the country?
Housing quality
Rising prices have heralded the move of Americans from cities into the countryside, according to CNBC. That said, prices remain competitive against urban spaces, and are often inclusive of better designs than can be found in the city. Take house design in the south. Texas Hill Country builders have created a range of large ranch renovation houses on large acreages; in the north, Vermont designers have created farm-esque builds that give space, design and function to new residents in a way that urban living cannot provide. The land around these new homes is creating new opportunity.
Space for thought
Micro-farming is a pet project for many newly ruralized people. The practice is a good one; the level of care that recreational farmers can give to micro-crops results in far higher yields and greater sustainability, according to one 2019 study conducted by Queens University, Canada. New house builds are geared towards this; greenhouses are often part of the package, and new landscaping technology like wind-breakers improve the level of sustainability and the flexibility of the land.
A mindful future
These new house builds are also geared towards one key benefit of outdoors life – mental wellbeing. Urban living is stressful, and while rural life has not always been easy, the experiences that former urbanites will look for is going to be conducive to their wellbeing. With open plan buildings, a focus on clean air, and spaces in which to get in touch with nature, rural spaces offer an antidote to the stresses of modern life and way to detach from the anxieties of everyday life.
The countryside is not just an avenue for more space and cheaper housing. It’s a sandbox for bigger, better properties that can provide new opportunities through which to experience life itself. That’s why urban dwellers are moving out, and why new builds will continue to reflect this exciting future.


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