Signs a Medical Career is Right for You


Signs a Medical Career is Right for You

A career in healthcare is one that can involve a lot of hard work, but at the same time be immensely fulfilling. There is a lot of variety to choose from; each career requiring varying levels of education and different types of personalities. Some careers include working with children, some with medical emergencies, and some mainly provide after-care for patients—and each is as different as the last. There are, however, certain traits that are needed in all medical professions, so if you’re wondering if you should get started on your journey in healthcare, here are some signs that is it the correct decision.

You Have a Passion for Science and the Human Body 

A passion for science and physiology is vital when it comes to healthcare, as you will be working with the human body on a daily basis. If you were someone who was particularly interested in biology at school, or you find yourself switching the TV to medical science documentaries, it could be a sign that your dream job lies in the medical world. These interests won’t just be used for understanding treatments—in certain sectors, there may even come a time when you must write a research paper.

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You Love Working With Others

Healthcare jobs are seldom about being couped up in a room on your own in front of a computer screen for eight hours. You will need great communication skills and the ability to work as a team in order to thrive. Not only will you be expected to work well with your colleagues, but you will also be seeing a variety of patients throughout the day. So, if you love chatting and being around others, it could be an indication that you should work in healthcare.

You Are Extremely Caring 

Your job will literally be to care for others, so being a caring person is essential. Of course, there are other motivations for wanting to work in healthcare other than helping others, such as good pay. When times get tough, however, the motivation that will see you through is the genuine desire to help people, and without this, you won’t get far.

You Don’t Fall Under Pressure

Medical careers are known for being both physically and emotionally demanding. At times, the job may seem like too much, and many will cave. Each day there will be a variety of difficult tasks and some days there may be a mountain of work. Being a resilient person who can push yourself is a great asset to have while working in healthcare so that you can accomplish everything you need to do.

You Enjoy Variety 

No two days will ever be the same. You will see a mixture of different types of people with a variety of illnesses, so tomorrow could bring a situation you have never witnessed before. Some people like a fixed routine and to know what the day will bring, but if you are a person who enjoys constant changes and new experiences, healthcare could be for you.

You Find Desk Jobs Dull

In the world of medicine, few careers involve sitting at a stuffy desk all day. More than likely, you will be on your feet a lot of the time while seeing to patients and running errands. If the idea of a strict nine-until-five office job terrifies you, then you may be someone who would thrive in healthcare.

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You’re Not Put Off by Blood and Other Bodily Fluids

This one sort of goes without saying, but it is extremely important. You will be witnessing a lot of blood and other bodily fluids on a daily basis, so you must be able to stomach it. If this idea makes you queasy, then you should probably consider an alternative career.

You Have Plenty of Time to Train

Starting a career in healthcare isn’t a walk in the park—there is a lot of training and education to get out of the way before you get your foot on the ladder. Depending on which career you opt for, you could be spending many years in medical school or training as a nurse, so you will want to ensure you have enough time to spare. Try to work out the number of hours you can give, whether that be part-time or full-time, and you will be closer to knowing if a healthcare career is viable for you.

You’re a Motivated Individual 

Motivation is key. There will be times you wake up and don’t feel like dealing with the day ahead, so it takes truly motivated people to put in a consistent amount of effort. You will need to work hard each day, always show up on time, and give your best no matter how you are feeling—all of which require bounds of motivation. Motivation is essential in medical areas such as nursing, as you would be dealing with a variety of issues and individuals on a daily basis. Click here for information on how to become a nurse practitioner.

You Have Reams of Confidence

Having confidence in yourself is vital for working in the healthcare sector. You will not always be guided, and sometimes you will have to trust in your abilities. If you don’t know how to perform a particular task or procedure, you will need to confidently admit this, as there is little room for error. Dealing with criticism is a skill you will pick up over time, but sometimes it might beat down your confidence. Learning to overcome that and trust yourself and your abilities are therefore essential. After all, many patients will be relying on you!

You Love Learning 

Before entering a healthcare career, you must put away many years of education, and this doesn’t stop once you are hired—the learning will never end. The world of medicine is constantly shifting and evolving, and workers need to keep up with this. If you are somebody who loves to learn and always wants to educate themselves more and more, then healthcare is a job where you will be able to do just that.

Working towards a career in healthcare needs plenty of consideration beforehand, as it requires a certain kind of person. You should be happy and confident in your workplace, so if you have ticked off many of the traits listed here, you might just find that working in healthcare is the career for you.


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