Fancom – The Smart Solution for Farmers


The world is moving towards technology why should we leave the farmers behind? Fancom expands horizons for Farmers with its great solutions for problems that have been driving away framers from farming.

The food demand will multiply by two folds by the year 2050 however the number of farmers is only decreasing. Due to the difficulty of the nature of job many farmers have moved on and are trying their luck in other sectors of life. To bring them back and making farming a pleasurable activity for them the experts at Fancom have designed several new technologies and plans that will sustain large scale farming and promote the heightened growth of profits.

Their services are based on making things more productive and less damaging to the environment. Their programs include climate centered projects along with automated feeding technologies for the livestock and biometric registrations for the animals.

Fancom’s services are available all over the globe and have been used for its intelligent farming solutions and ifarming services. Its successful projects can be seen in Europe, Asia and the South America. Recently in Belgium the company in collaboration with VSI installed a broiler house with the Fancom’s MTT ventilation system. The system ensures that the chicks grow without any interruptions. The system comprises of tunnel inlets, Fantura air inlet system along with the ATM minimum ventilation and the feeding system.

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In United Kingdom Robbie Hemming along with his family run a poultry expertise and are loyal customers of the Fancom. According to them the quality of the equipment for the poultry house should be flawless and that is exactly what Fancom offers. They are satisfied users of the Fancom complete control system along with the F38, F42 and 747 bird weigher. As per Robbie the system allows them to be more efficient and recognize all problems in their initial stages.

Farming was once an affair of middle aged man with a machete and a wheel barrow plowing and sowing the ground, physically feeding all the animals in the scorching heat and lifting all the waste with a shovel. Now with the help of Fancom things have taken a complete turn and farmers are now resorting to technology to get their work done in a faster, benefiting and cost effective way.

Research is the way forward in the modern world and Fancom is based on high-tech research with data analysis to improve existing machinery and improve outcomes. With the help of Fancom’s expert input in the field of farming farmers all across the globe are taking benefit. Many companies have partnered with Fancom to work and promote farming mechanic advancements. Fan com was established over the time period of 40 years. It is a pioneer in the field and has motivated many companies to follow suit in their shoes and explore the world of farms and technology.

It is a great initiative that has not only helped save profits but the animal and the environment.


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