Squares Are the New Circles: Why Square Cupcakes Are the Best


Did you know that arty effects like unique shapes are trending in the 2021 cupcake industry?

The cupcake industry is host to dozens of innovations this year. The verdicts in and squares are the new circles!

Are you curious about what it takes to craft square cupcakes? Read our article to learn all about square cupcakes!

Squares Are Easy to Organize

As you may already know, squares and rectangles make up a large portion of our kitchen containers.

This fact makes square cooking instruments easy to organize. The straight lines of the square and rectangular cooking instruments make them ideal for storing in kitchen cabinets as well.

Linear kitchen cupboards are often shaped like cubes themselves. Make it easy on yourself by investing in linear cooking trays as well.

Squares can easily be set on top of each other when it is time for them to be put away and stored.

Save yourself the stress by investing in cooking containers that easily stack on top of each other. Keep in mind that squares and rectangles with linear lines are the easiest shapes to organize.

Circles Can Be Difficult to Work With

Circles are the quintessential shape for cupcakes to be presented in. However, this does not mean that is the only shape they can take.

Cupcakes were originally made in small ceramic containers like circular cups. This origin story has lead to decades of circular cupcakes.

2021 is ready to bring efficiency to the world of cupcakery. Circular cupcakes may be nostalgic, but they are also difficult to work with.

The same truth applies to circular cakes as well. Icing and decorating a circular dessert can be frustrating for entry-level cupcake artists.

Sheet cakes, however, are composed of rectangular sheets of cake. This structure makes them easier to bake and decorate.

The same rule can be applied to cupcakes as well. Square cupcake tins can be utilized to create numerous cupcake designs!

Square Cupcake Liners Can Easily Be Stored

Square cupcake molds can also be easily cleaned, stored, and put away. Cleaning a square mold can be done with a simple sponge and soap combination.

Home bakers and professional chefs alike can rejoice in the efficient manner of baking cupcakes with square baking liners.

The best part about investing in square cupcake trays is that they can be used to bake a variety of other baked goods.

Bread will look like mini loaves when baked in your new square cupcake tray. Enjoy baking a variety of goods to try with a square baking tray.

Each slot can be filled with your own unique square creation. Keep in mind that all of your baked goods will share the oven together so make sure that they can all rise to the same temperature!

Invest in Practical Baking Tray Liners

If you are beginning to take your baking career seriously, then it is a good idea to invest in practical cooking equipment.

Square baking trays and liners can be used together to maximize the number of baked goods you are able to produce in one session.

For example, square baking trays can hold more slots due to the way the squares were carved into the tray.

If you are regularly baking large quantities of cupcakes, consider switching to a square mold. This way you can bake more cupcakes in the same amount of time!

Get More Out of Your Baking Tray

Cupcake molds are an easy piece of equipment to glass over. Once you learn about their potential, however, their value increases tenfold.

You can make a variety of delicious baked goods with a cupcake tray. For example, you can bake mini quiches with a cupcake mold.

All of these dishes can benefit from a square shape as well. Square cupcake trays and liners are easier to store and clean for bakers of all types.

Professional bakers will especially appreciate how easy it is to wash square cupcake trays and reusable cupcake liners.

What delicious creation will a square cupcake tray inspire in your kitchen? The possibilities are endless!

Square Cupcakes Taste Just as Great!

It may come as no surprise to learn that square cupcakes taste just the same as circular cupcakes.

Making the initial switch to square molds may be difficult for your eyes to handle. Your tongue, however, will not be able to tell the difference.

Square cupcakes can be filled, decorated, and enjoyed in many of the same ways as circular cupcakes.

The only difference is that you will be able to clean and store your equipment much easier with square cupcake molds.

Surprise Your Friends With a New Trend!

Who said baking could not be fun? If square cupcakes have yet to be seen in your community, become a local trendsetter!

Your friends and loved ones will enjoy experiencing a new way to enjoy their yummy treats. Surprise a loved one with a square cupcake that features all of their favorite flavors!

Be sure to experiment with new flavors as you begin incorporating new shapes into your cupcakes.

Are You Ready to Make Square Cupcakes?

Now you know all about why square cupcakes are better than circular cupcakes! Are you ready to take a bit out of this new trend?

Remember, square cupcake trays work the same way as circular cupcake trays so allow yourself to become inspired by all of the possibilities.

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